Political Sciences

Preconditions for the admission to the programme and required documents

Any Georgian citizen, holding a state certificate of general education or any equivalent, successfully passing the Unified National Exams, can enroll in the Bachelor Education Programme.

In the unified national exams student must take following subjects: Georgian language and literature, English language, Math or History.

Voluntary: Any elective subject.


    The mobility procedures are administered twice a year within the timelines approved by the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia.

    Enrolment through mobility or acceptance of students from accredited foreign educational institutions is based on the decision of the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia and GIPA regulations. 

    First-year students’ registration:

    Registration starts on 3 of September and lasts till 7th September 12:00-17:00 in Ortachala, #101 Gorgasali

    Documents required for registration:

    • ID (copy)
    • A state certificate of general education (original or copy) or an equivalent;

    if not issued in Georgia, the document’s authenticity verification is required

    • Photo (3x4) + digital photo
    • Military registration document (copy) where applicable
    • Payment confirmation: 20% of the annual tuition fee (720 GEL) 

    Payment is possible through any branch of TBC bank (Tbilisi and the regions)

    Bank account number: GE84TB1100000110700419 / GEL

    Account holder – NNLE Georgian Institute of Public Affairs (GIPA)

    Name of the Educational Programme   Bachelor’s Programme in Political Sciences

    Qualification to be awarded:  Bachelor of Political Sciences

    Amount of Programme in Credits: 240 ECTS

    The language of Instruction: Georgian

    Level of Higher Education: Bachelor’s Degree

    Type of the Educational Programme: Academic

    Purpose of the Programme:

    The Political Sciences Bachelor Programme is oriented for students to acquire: 

    • Wide theoretical knowledge in political sciences in general as well as in its particular components;
    • Thorough knowledge of the world’s philosophical and scientific heritage, the history of political thinking and political ideologies;
    • Deep understanding of public policy and the main principles of the democratic formation of a state, liberal values, and human rights;
    • Wide knowledge of the role, responsibility, and rights of individuals in society.

    The Political Sciences Bachelor Programme is oriented for students to develop: 

    • Effectively use the gained theoretical knowledge in political sciences in practice and develop other skills needed for working in the field;
    • Logical and critical thinking;
    • Professional ethics and juridical values.

    Field of Employment:

    Graduates from the Political Sciences Bachelor Programme will be employed both in the public and international sectors (those positions where BA qualification is required). The programme offers theoretical knowledge alongside practical experience that gives the opportunity to graduates to start career development in the field of political sciences.

    Special Offer

    Choose Bachelor’s Programme in Political Sciences of GIPA #1 and get a 20% discount off for the first academic year.

    Tuition Fee

    The annual fee for the program is 3600 GEL


    During the first year, 1000 GEL funding is envisaged for all students with state grants (100%,70%, and 50%).

    Fees for students with different amounts of state grants:

    50% Grant

    4500 - 1125 (50%) - 1000 (GIPA) = 2375 ₾

    70% Grant 

    4500 - 1575 (70%) - 1000 (GIPA) = 1925  ₾

    100% Grant

    4500 - 2250 (100%) - 1000 (GIPA) = 1250 ₾

    Promotion system

    The School of Social Sciences (SSS) has initiated a promotion system for successful students. Students with the highest academic ratings get financial support/scholarships which covers 100% of their tuition fee for the following semester.

    Wish you high academic performance and successful completion of study!


    Starting from the second academic year, scholarships are awarded to students with the highest academic achievements to cover their tuition fee for the following semester:

    • Scholarships are awarded to those students whose GPA is 3.5 or higher;
    • Students with the highest GPA scale (4.0) get 100% scholarship for the following semester;
    • Students with GPA less than 4.0 but 3.5 or higher get 100% scholarship for the following semester if their academic achievements rated excellent (A) in all subjects during the previous two semesters;
    • Students with GPA 3.5 or higher get financial support to cover their tuition fee for the following semester in accordance with their rating: 1-70%; 2-60%; 3-50%; 4-40%; 5-30%;
    • If students drop a course, they are not eligible for scholarships in the following semester;
    • If students are awarded state grants, SSS covers the difference between the grant and tuition fee;
    • Scholarships awarded by SSS are meant to cover the respective amount of the tuition fee only; they are not considered as an income.

    The Programme is oriented to provide students with theoretical insight into key areas of political sciences alongside practical skills to apply gained knowledge. The academic courses combine theoretical materials with practical examples and cases, a part of which is based on own experience of our lecturers, prominent professionals of the field. Special attention is given to students’ active involvement into the academic process through presentations, discussions, debates, role plays and other similar activities which, at the same time, promote the acquisition of communication and team-work skills. Written assignments such as quizzes, answers to open questions, micro- and end-off programme projects serve inter alia to strengthen subject comprehension and academic writing skills. Both programme curriculum and academic process as a whole prepare future professionals for a successful career path in the sphere of political sciences and related fields.


    Tornike Paghava

    Coordinator of the undergraduate program in Political Sciences

    E-mail: t.paghava@gipa.ge

    Mob: +995 555 757 373