Anano Gorgodze

Assistant / Management of Educational Policy / Efficient communication in Environmental protection; Professional Skills, Public Speaking.

Email: a.gorgodze@gipa.ge

Experienced Faculty Member with a demonstrated history of working in the education management industry. Her experience covers Nonprofit Organizations as well as Private and Public Sector. Her expertise includes performance and quality assessment strategies, educational policy and management, leadership and public speaking. Strong consulting professional with a Master focused in Public Administration from Georgian Institute of Public Affairs and Master in Education, Policy and Society from King’s College London. Currently she is involved in PhD studies with the focus of intersection between education and labor market.



2018 – 2019: Coordinator of Labour Market Research Project implemented by “GICE Partnership” - the aim of project was to analyse tendency and demand of the Georgian national labour market (1200 Respondents, Coverage – Georgia);

2016-2017: Coordinator of The Netherlands Government (NFP) funded tailor made training project – Developing the Georgian Institute of Public Affairs (GIPA) as an Entrepreneurial University;

2016-2017: Coordinator of research – “Identifying Key Performance Indicators for GIPA”;

2014-2015: Technical Coordinator of Project – “Presidential Collegium for State Arrangement” funded by the Reserve Fund of President of Georgia;

2013-2015: Project Manager, Contract between Municipality of Östhammar in Sweden and GIPA – Georgian Institute for public affairs;

2014: Project manager, USAID: Policy, Advocacy, and Civil Society Development in Georgia (G–PAC), East West Management Institute – “Development of Georgian Case Studies”;

2013: Project coordinator, USAID: Policy, Advocacy, and Civil Society Development in Georgia (G–PAC), East West Management Institute – “Development of the Organizational Theory Course”.


Researches and Publications:


Master Thesis: “Tower of Babel? An Evaluation of Student Transitions from Higher Education into Employment Based on a Comparative Study of a Private University and a State-run University in Georgia” (September, 2020); 

“Georgian Public Service – Problems and Opportunities” (Qualitative Research) – Research Team Member (May, 2014);

4th International Blue Black Sea Congress, Paper: “Fundamental Problems of Local Government in Georgia” (November, 2013);

Master Thesis: “Volunteering in Georgia – the level of students’ awareness, their activities, development trends and legislative framework” (Qualitative and Quantitative research) (June, 2012);

“Political parties in Georgia – Analysis of local elections and election programs” (Qualitative Research) (June, 2010).