Zviad Barkaia

Zviad Barkaia is a Master of Economics at Troy University (USA). His research focuses on
the role of distributed networking (Blockchain) on development in developing countries
(main interest is post-Soviet area); Effect of Foreign Direct Investment on democratic
institutions in transition countries and the role of “illegal” entrepreneurship in the collapse of
Soviet Union. Zviad Barkaia presented a paper on Russia’s demography and foreign policy
at International Study Association’s Annual Convention in March 2016. He presented a
paper on centralized economic system and entrepreneurship in Soviet Georgia at Austrian
Economics Research Conference 2017 (Mises Institute) in March 2017.
Zviad Barkaia holds bachelor's degree in Political Science. He completed his first Master’s
program in International Relation at Georgian Institute of Public Affairs (GIPA) in June 2013.
He was an assistant lecturer in GIPA from 2014 to 2015. Currently Mr. Barkaia teaches
course on International Political Economy at GIPA.