Zhana Antia


Email: zh.antia@gipa.ge

Zhana Antia is Head of Training and Consulting Center at the Georgian Institute of Public Affairs. She has obtained Master’s degree in Public Administration from Georgian Institute of Public Affairs. Ms. Antia is a lecturer in Statistics and Project Management with ten-years practical experience in Project Management on various positions for different projects funded by World Bank, UNDP, USAID, Tempus, Unicef, DAI, MSI and others. Since 2008 Zhana has been a research team member in the following researches: “Public Administration in Georgia – Challenges and Opportunities” and “Income Tax Reform in Georgia.” She is co-author of the publication: “Public Administration in Post-Communist Countries: Former Soviet Union, Central, and Eastern Europe and Mongolia” (CRC Press, July 2013), “Perceptions of Entrepreneurship – GIPA case analysis”, researcher-translator of the books in Entrepreunership and Operations management.  She is the member of  international organization of ICOM.


  • Statistics
  • Research methods
  • Entrepreunership
  • Project management
  • Results based monitoring and evaluation


Research and Publications: 

  • ’’Entrepreneurship, successfully launching new ventures’’, sixth ed. Authors:Bruce r. Baringer and r. Duane, Ireland, publisher: Pearson, 2018 – Researcher/translator, 2018
  • Operations Management: Processes and supply chain, 12th, Authors: Lee.J, Krajewski, Manojk.Malhotra, Larry P. Ritzma, Publisher: Pearson, 2018 – Researcher/translator, 2018
  • “Perceptions of Entrepreneurship – GIPA Case analysis” – co-author, July 2017
  • “Preparedness of Georgian Universities for Integrating students with special needs” – research team member, 2015



  1. Capacity building  in Digital Communication for the Silknet call centre representatives –– Funded by JSC Silknet
  2. Capacity building in Gender Responsive Participatory Planning and Budgeting - Funded by HEKS/EPER
  3. Training in Communication Standards  –  September 1, 2022, Funded by LLC SOCAR Midstream Operations
  4. Capacity building in Results based Civic Monitoring and evaluation in Agriculture and Rural Development of Georgia, participatory approach by Georgian and international experts - Funded by The United Nations Development Program for Agriculture and Rural Development (ENPARD)
  5. Youth Capacity building in Advocacy in Pankisi Gorge - Funded by Chemonics International Inc. USAID Pankisi Community Links Activity in Georgia (PCL) Program
  6. Capacity building in Plant Protection and Veterinary – December 15-25, 2020 – Funded by UNDP in the frame of joint Project of UNDP and LEPL Environmental Information and Education Centre under the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Agriculture of Georgia
  7. Capacity building in Promotion and Advertising in Social Media for international communities – Funded by HEKS/EPER
  8. Capacity building of Enterprise Georgia High and mid level management Representatives in Management Philosophy – Funded by GIZ
  9. Improvement of Analytical Skills for the representatives of various government agencies - Funded by:  International Center for Migration Policy Development (ICMPD)
  10. Capacity building of the woman’s room representatives in Business Planning and Fundraising –Funded by Mercy Corps Georgia
  11. Building Capacity of Georgian Association of Social Workers (GASW) in Advocacy – Training of board members and staff at GASW – 12-19 January - Funded by USAID / HICD 2020


Research interests: 

Continuous education, education management, entrepreneurship, contemporary management, monitoring and evaluation