Within the framework of mobility, interested students are given opportunity to use mobile procedures and move to any educational program of GIPA.

Students are eligible to use mobility procedures twice a year, at the end of the fall and spring semesters within timelines approved by the National Centre for Educational Quality Enhancement.

Student’s right for mobility occurs after one year of studies on relevant higher education level.

Interested individuals, who are willing to continue studies at GIPA through mobility procedures have to register at electronic portal of National Centre for Educational Quality Enhancement.

(Instructions for registration on electronic portal)

Students who obtain the right of mobility from the National Centre for Educational Quality Enhancement to move to GIPA, should address in the written form to university administration. 

Required documents:

  • Copy of the ID card or passport
  • Letter of transcript
  • School certificate
  • Copy of military record (for men)
  • Photo ¾
  • Copy of NAEC certificate

GIPA reserves the right to set additional requirements for enrollment of students through mobility, which may be related to internal examinations, reviewing documents or successful interviews.

Internal Mobility

Within the framework of internal mobility, students who have passed all required examinations, and are studying at GIPA's educational program, have the opportunity to move to other educational programs and continue their studies.

Internal mobility is announced twice a year, before the academic year starts, based on the relevant order issued by the rector.

The students, who meet the requirements of the recipient program, are eligible to use internal mobility, after completion of the first semester.

In order to use internal mobility, the student have to address to the dean of the school, where desired educational program belongs to.

School academic council discusses curriculum of the selected educational program, credits obtained by the student and determines its complience with the new program curriculum and credits, based on what makes decision to satisfy student’s application or not.