Keti Mukhiguli

Head of BA Program in Sociology / Introduction in History of Philosophy, Sociology of Management

Ketevan Mukhiguli, Academic Doctor of Social Sciences, Associate professor  at GIPA. Since 2011 has been delivering courses "History of Introduction to Philosophy" to BA program students of the School of Social Sciences.   She also delivers courses "Management Sociology", "Political Sociology" and "Political Philosophy" to the students of  MA program  in Applied Psychology.   Keevan Mukhiguli has lectured at Caucasus University and I.Javakhishvili State University. She worked at the UNDP, LEPL assessment and experience at the National Center of Experts in the Georgian Association of Reforms, UNDP and the Government of Norway in the "Young People Sensitivity of Young People" and other foreign or other projects. K. Mukhiguli is the author of a number of publications and is a participant of different conferences.