Business Journalism and Visual Data Storytelling Certification Program

Georgian Institute of Public Affairs (GIPA) is pleased to offer a Business Journalism and Visual Data Storytelling Certification Program. The one-week course is led by a team of GIPA journalists and researchers experienced in reporting on economic issues in Georgia, Azerbaijan, and Armenia and the wider region.

Business journalism is a growing field as the internet has made economic and financial data more available worldwide. There is a growing demand across private and public sectors to use this data, but few people have the time or knowledge to collect the data and create stories around the data so it can be understood and used. Business journalists play the vital role of using data to help people, companies, and governments better understand economic trends and developments.

The program is designed for those with experience covering economic issues for newspapers, radio, television outlets or independently via personal websites or social media. Candidates with experience working in the financial sector or in producing media products for private companies are welcome to apply. Candidates should have basic knowledge of English and come from Caucasus or Middle East countries.

Students will learn and apply a skillset that will enable them to understand how financial markets work, the relationship between private and public enterprise, methods to collect, verify and identify trends within financial data, and the role business journalists play in relating economic complexities to those outside the business world. Students will read past and present business stories from a variety of sectors to develop an understanding of what makes an objective, fact-based and compelling story. Students will learn new digital story telling skills. Students will interact with guest speakers from leading private and public sector institutions and media companies to consider their approaches to business reporting. Students will form life-long connections with classmates and the instructional team who share a common passion for learning and objective reporting

By the end of the course students will be able to:

  • Broaden their Professional Relationships through Improved Interpersonal Skills
  • Find and Analyze Data to Identify New Financial Trends
  • Use Latest Online Software Tools
  • Fact Check Economic Stories
  • Visualize data
  • Use Interviews and Documents to Verify Data Analysis Findings
  • Pitch a Story to Media Companies

During the course, students will develop a business story and a plan to extend their research and communication of related findings following the course. Upon completion of the course, students will receive a certificate in business journalism. After the course, students will continue to receive feedback as they develop their story and consider future research. 

Duration of the Study: 7 days

Total academic hours: 35 hours

Cost of the program is 5500 Lari (1800 euros).

In this cost is included:

  • Tuition Cost
  • Meal Costs
  • Lodging Costs
  • Two-way airport Transfer
  • Two-way Air ticket cost

Candidates may apply to receive a scholarship to cover the cost of the program, including cost of tuition and meals.


Potential candidates may apply through the following Google form. Candidates will be admitted based upon their demonstrated work experience and strength of their application. Qualified candidates will be admitted on a quarterly basis. If offered admission, GIPA will contact applicants about arrangements and the schedule for the program.

To Apply


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