Lloyd Wright-ი GIPA-ში

23 ოქტომბერი


On October 19, 2017 Lloyd Wright, Senior Transport Specialist of the Asian Development Bank (ADB) delivered the lecture to School of Government Master and BA degree program students at Georgian Institute of Public Affairs. The main topic of the lecture was Transforming Cities with Eco-Mobility

Rapid motorization in urban areas of Georgia and the entire region is leading to increasing levels of congestion, reduced road safety, elevated levels of pollution and noise, and a diminishing of quality of life. Eco-mobility represents an integrated package of solutions combining clean transport with progressive urban design. The package presented on the lecture included quality public transport, green-ways for pedestrians and cyclists, clean vehicle technology, and integrating transport planning with urban design. Drawing upon the lessons from cities such as Seoul, Guangzhou, Singapore, and Istanbul, there are real alternatives to car-dominated cities. 

Mr. Wright assists in the implementation of ADB’s Sustainable Transport Initiative, which seeks to catalyze innovative projects demonstrating the potential of sustainable transport modes. Mr. Wright is particularly supporting the development of new initiatives with quality public transport systems and non-motorized transport integration in the Central and West Asia region.

The meeting was very interactive and ended with Q&A session.