Certificate Program in International Development and Strategic Planning

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The Georgian Institute of Public Affairs (GIPA) in partnership with Troy University (US) and in the framework of International Affairs Partnership Program funded by the US Embassy Tbilisi Public Affairs Office is announcing a Certificate Program in International Development and Strategic Planning.

Individuals working in the field of international development/aid and non-governmental sector in general, working on environmental issues and simply having interests in these areas are welcome. The course precedes MA Program in International Development that GIPA is to launch from 2017 in partnership with Troy University.   

The Certificate Program is fully funded by the Partnership Program and is available for the selected applicants free of charge.

The courses are taught in English and will start on May 17 and end on July 12. Classes will be held four times a week from 18.30 to 21.00 at GIPA.  The program consists of three subjects:

International Development Theory - a survey of major international development theories and related practice in the public/non-profit/private sectors.

(Provided by Dr. Jonathan Harrington - Professor, director of Master of Science in International Relations Program at Department of Political Science at Troy University).

Sustainable Development - a study of sustainable development theories and policies, including a review of current international environmental laws and global governance institutions.

(Provided by Dr. Mike Steward – Professor/Eminent Scholar, ALFA Chair of Environmental Management and Agriculture at Troy University)

Strategic Planning - an overview of strategies and techniques integral to strategic planning with a focus on mission, goal, strategy formulation, strategy implementation, and strategy evaluation aimed at familiarizing students with the complexities and challenges of planning in public organizations.  (Provided by Dr. Terry Anderson, Associate Professor of Political Science, Master of Public Administration Program at Troy University)  

Interested individuals are to submit their CVs by May 13.

Contact person:

Ana Kiria


School of Law and Politics

Address: Brosse st #2, Tbilisi, 0108

Tel: (+995) 32  2497500

E-mail: a.kiria@gipa.ge