Marika Darchia

Public Relations Technologies Lecturer

Marika Darchia, PR specialist, has undergone public relations courses at London PPR Institute and Russian Public Relations Association. . Since 2014 has been delivering courses "Public Relations Technologies" to the students of  MA program  in Applied Psychology.   Since 2017 she is deputy chairman of Tbilisi Sakrebulo. She was a creative director at the Media Palitra in 2013-2016; she also was a member of the publishing committee the Tbilisi City Hall Event, and delivered lectures at Robakidze University, Humanitarian Institute, was Chief Consultant of Public Relations Group of Assessment and Examination Center, author and editor of the course  "Public Relations", author and editor  of " Board of Encyclopedia of Public Relationship ", author and editor of  “50 Books That You Should Read Before You Live " (2007- 2010, Media Palitra). She has received professional prize "Golden Apra" for contribution to the development of public relations in Georgia.