Irakli Imedadze

Irakli Imedadze, Doctor of psychological scienes, corresponding memeber of Georgian National Academy of Sciences; since 2014 has been giving lectures on bachelor and magistrate programmes: “Basics of psychology”, “History of psychology”, “Modern trends of psychology”. Irakli Imedadze is the laureate of Dimitri Uznadze prize of Georgian National Academy of Sciences and the president of Gorgian Psychological Society. At different times he gave lectures in Tbilisi State University, Ilia University, Robakidze University. In 2006-2012 he was the director of D. Uznadze Institute of Psychology. He is the professor of Tbilisi State University.

Irakli Imedadze has published several monographies, coursebooks and articles in Georgian and foreign journals, scientific works on different psychological issues. He regularly takes part in forums and conferences and publishes researches in scientific journals. Currently he is a participant of Shota Rustaveli foundation grant “Establishing the conceptual apparatus of Set Theory”, 2015-2018.