Public Administration

Public Administration program is designed for those students that have obtained  Bachelor’s degree in any discipline and  are willing  to study Public Administration. 


》 Online Registration Form For Admission

Application submission:

From 17 September - 4 September

Placement quotas according to the tests:

  • Test – 25 students
  • B Test – 5 students

Applicant evaluation system during Internal admission procedures:

English Language test: 100 points

Interview: 100 Points

English language test: 3 Sept

Interview: 10-11 septemer

Study begins: In a week of September 14th

Master of Public Administration Program offers:

Public Administration Master’s program   aims to nurture new generation of Public servant who can handle the complex challenges of the Public Sector.

MPA Students will:

  • Learn Public Administration theories, Georgian and Foreign public Administration systems.
  • Master  financial and economical tools  necessary to fulfill Public administration duties.
  • Learn  relevant regulations; principles  and methods of their usage in practice.
  • Obtain knowledge on using  relevant Public Management tools and methods to solve the sustainable development challenges of Georgia.
  • Learn principles of Public Policy  design and implementation   
  • Learn methods and principles of using WDI and Geostat databases   in the process of Public policy making; qualitative and quantitative research methods.
  • Learn to identify the most important threats to the  national security, formats and methods of utilizing  international partnerships to 
  • Learn effective verbal and communication skills in the public sector.
  • In the framework of the  partnerships with the governmental organizations students will  have opportunity to do internships.

Study process is managed by local practitioner lectures and invited proffesors form the renowned foreign universities

93% of the graduates are employed in the Governmental, private and NGO sectors. Additionally , big part of the program graduates get employed  during in the span of one year after graduation.

Tuition Fee:

The MPA program lasts  two years. One year of tuition fee is 3700GEL.  Yearly payment can be conducted  in four installments, defined  by semesters. After successfully completing  the program students will be awarded Master Degree in Public Administration.


The total  tuition fee for two years equals 7400 GEL. For study financing students can use state scholarships 2250 GEL pers study year. Besides students can be awarded Zurab Zhvania semestal scholarship (1825 GEL). The scholarship is awarded by weighted average of the points: Students GPA (50 %) lecturer nomination (25%) and  participation in the extracurricular activities (25 %).

Study financing opportunities:

Master of Public Administration Program: 2 Year of Tuition fee

Without Government financing: 7400 GEL

During Two years in 8 installments: 925 GEL Per installment

Master of Public Administration program: 2 Year Tuition Fee

With state funding: 7400-4500=2900 GEL

During Two years in 8 installments: 352.5 GEL Per installment

Download MPA program curiculum

Additional Information:

Qualification to be awarded: Master of Public Administration

Level of Education: Master

ECTS requirements: 120 

Study language: Georgian

Program duration: 2 Years

Study organization: Day program

  • I and II semesters: Compulsary and elective subjects
  • III Semester: Compulsary Internship and Policy lab / alternatively  students can benefit from the one of the study mobility programs , study abroad and  do the internship
  • IV Semester: MA Thesis
  • Lectures: Day Module

Language of Instruction:

- Georgian and English

- Most of the educational materials are in English

Study Program:

Name and Surname



Nana Macharashvili

·          Public Administration and Organizational Theory

·          Public Policy Analysis and Implementation


Davit Jandieri

·          Foundations of Public Law


Tamta Chrikishvili

·          Human Resources Management in the Public Sector


Tsira Elisashvili

·          Cultural Heritage Management


Mariam Sekhniashvili

·          Qualitative Research Methods and Academic writing


Zhana Antia

·          Statistics for the Public Servants


Tsisana Khundadze 

·          Statistics for the Public Servants


Elisabeth Sopromadze

·          Public Administration and Organizational Theory


George Bakradze

·          Fundamentals of Economics


David Kiziria

·          Electronic Governance and Services in the Public Sector


Archil Gersamia

·          Public Finance/ Tax policy


Marine Ioseliani

·          Effective communication in the Public Service


Ana Gorgodze 

·          Effective communication in the Public Service


Tamar Koberidze

·          NGO Management

·          Political Lobbyism and Advocacy


Tengiz Phkaladze

·          Art  of  Negotiations and it’s Management


Mikheil  Darchiashvili

·          Foreign Policy Management: National Security Challenges and NATO Integration


Nikoloz Janjgava

·          State Risk Management


Natalia Alkhazishvili

·          Sustainable Development and Challenges for the Governance


Nino Antadze

·          Qualitative Research Methods and Academic writing


Tamar Zhvania 

·          Election Technologies and Political Research


Tea Loladze

·          Regulatory Environment Assessment   (RIA))

To finalize their studies, students are required to do compulsory internship in the Georgian government organization. Current program partners are:  

Georgian Parliament

Tbilisi City Council

GIPA’s school of government has number of international partners where MPA students can study in the framework of Erasmus+ or bilateral study agreements.

  1. Partnership with the University of Wroclaw (Poland)

GIPA’s  MPA  program offers dual degree opportunities in Public Administration and Political Science:

  • I and II semester GIPA
  • III semester university of Wrocal
  • IV semester GIPA

After graduation from the Program students are awarded MPA degree from GIPA and MA degree in Political science from the Wroclaw University:

  1. In the framework of the Erasmus + agreements MPA students can travel in the Salzburg  University

I and II semester – GIPA

III semester – University of Salzburg

IV semester – GIPA

After graduation of the program  GIPA students  receive MPA diploma from the Georgian Institute of Public Affairs

  1. Partnership with the Bocconi University

In the framework of the Double degree agreements  GIPA students  can obtain double MPA degree from the university of Bocconi and   GIPA

  • I and II semester: GIPA
  • III and IV semester – Bocconi school of Management

After graduation students are awarded:

MPA degree from the Bocconi University and MPA degree from GIPA

  1. Partnership with the University of Hamburg

IN the framework of the  bilateral partnership agreement between GIPA and Hamburg university   GIPA MPA students can travel  in the Hamburg university in the III semester of the studies

  • II semester GIPA

III semester - Hamburg university

IV semester - GIPA

After graduation from the program  students will be awarded Master’s degree in Public Administration.

Mariam Dotiashvili

MPA program coordinator


Mob: +995 598773574