Business Administration

Georgian Institute offers innovative undergraduate degree programs in Business Administration, with no analogue in the Georgian market today. Our goal is to raise new staff able to operate successfully in both business and the public sector. The program provides a varied curriculum equipping the course participants with the skills that are necessary for effective decision-making and management of existing resources properly, as well as allowing them to work as:

• Assistant Manager - after first year of teaching.

• Analyst - after the second year of teaching.

• Project Manager - after the third year of teaching.

• the lower and mid-level managers - after fourth year of teaching.

Also, graduates are able to launch their own business.

On successful completion of the course students will be awarded the academic degree of Bachelor of Business Administration.

In the unified national exams student must take following subjects: Georgian language and literature, Any Foreign language, Math or History.

Voluntary: Any elective subject.

Students must present following documents for registration:

  • Copy of ID;
  • A state certificate of general education (original or copy) or an equivalent;
  • Photo (3x4);
  • Military registration document (copy) where applicable;

For additional information contact:

Vano Tsertsvadze

Coordinator of BA Program in Business Administration

Mob: +995 599 449 850;

Download Curriculum of BA Program here: LINK

The process of the Business Administration program is built on synthesis of classical theoretical subjects and practices. Training will enable our students to get involved in the real world of business from the very first day of training and the graduates will get the necessary theoretical basis and practical skills, which are important for highly qualified staff.

The program duration:

4 years

The number of students:

50 students

The fourth (optional) subject on the National Exams:


Language of instruction:


Internal financing system:

Term financing for 10 students (from the second semester):

• 1 student to a maximum of 3500 GEL;

• 2 student a maximum of 2500 GEL;

• 3 student 1500 GEL;

• 4 student 1000 GEL.

Cost of the program:

7000 GEL (1 year)

Bank account details:

• "TBC Bank"

• bank code (BIC): 220101850

• Receiver – NGO Georgian Institute of Public Affairs

• Account number - GE73TB7000000110700400 / GEL

Study Process:

40 (ECTS) credits (200 credits from compulsory subjects. The remaining 40 credits in elective subjects, in which the selection is possible from GIPA’s other undergraduate programs).

The learning process is built on a lecture / workshop format, where special attention is given to the inquiry.

The teaching plan includes presentations and submission of analytical papers, review of case studies (Situational analysis), homework, field studies, both individually, as an independent work of students is provided, as well as a in a team, encouraging the implementation of the principle of teamwork through group projects.

Assessment of students, at the end of each course, is based on multistep, complex evaluation (for ex: activity, mid-term exam 1, field research, homework assignments, review of case studies, mid-term exam 2).

BBA-'s students learn two foreign languages. The first foreign language is English, the awareness of the groups according to the levels and distribution tu the respective groups, will be in the first semester.

Depending on the level the student may have to learn English for 1, 2, 3 or 4 semesters or be released from the obligation to teach English. The loss of credits students must reimburse by choosing elective subjects.

• A second foreign language is taught 3 semester.

• For the 8th semester of teaching students twill undergo compulsory training practice.

• In order to get a Bachelor's degree it is necessary to prepare and defend the final project.

Tuition Fee of Program:

4500 GEL per one academic year

We offer next scholarship system for our students during first year of academic study:

50% Financing
4500 - 1125 (50%) - 1000 (GIPA) = 2375 Lari
70% Financing
4500 - 1575 (70%) - 1000 (GIPA) = 1925 Lari
100% Financing
4500 - 2250 (100%) - 1000 (GIPA) = 1250 Lari

After the first year of academic study, Best Students will recieve financial aid from GIPA:

First 5 students in Ranking - 1000 Lari for 1 academic year;

Next 5 students in Ranking - 700 Lari for 1 academic year;

GIPA’s Bachelor’s program in Business Administration and the Georgian School of Management (GSOM) offer students an opportunity to pursue their studies abroad.

Best student according to the university ranking will be given an opportunity to pursue their studies in the fourth year in the European School of Economics – ESE London / ESE New York / ESE Rome / ESE Florence / ESE Milan / ESE Madrid or in the School of business and Social Sciences – ESERP – Barcelona, Madrid. The study costs will be covered by GIPA. GIPA students will be able to choose the location of the learning institution and in the case of a successful completion of the academic year, receive a bachelor’s degree in business administration from the Georgian Institute of Public Affairs as well as from the institution where they spent their fourth year of undergraduate studies. In the case of choosing European School of Economics the students will also receive a diploma from the Buckingham University: ESE + GIPA + The University of Buckingham
In addition to the top-ranking three students, all students may take advantage of the aforementioned opportunity – however, in this case, 6000 Euros (tuition fee of the abovementioned higher education institutions) will be added to GIPA’s student tuition fee.
Georgian School of Management was established in 2012. The mission of the school is to raise and further develop professionals who will greatly contribute to the development of private and public sectors in the country and will achieve remarkable success in the modern, challenging environment.

The school collaborates with the leading educational centers of the world and provides opportunities for young people to receive education abroad (European School of Economics – ESE, United International Business School (UIBS) and the School of Business and Social Sciences - ESERP).

Founders of the GSOM

Suliko Kadagidze – Founder of the leading business school in the Georgian educational sphere – ESM, co-founder of the Georgian School of Management.

“Our mission is to help as many students as possible to receive high quality education in the leading universities of the world in order to be able to respond to the challenges that the modern world prepares for them.”

Manana Ugulava GSOM – Founder of the Georgian School of Management

“The School team will do its utmost to help the students wishing to pursue their studies abroad to find appropriate funding, by means of simplified bank products and various financial funds.

School of Business and Social Sciences (ESERP)

United International Business Schools (UIBS)

European School of Economics (ESE)

The University of Buckingham

Additionally, in result of the memorandum signed with Turisba University, GIPA Business Administration students are given an opportunity to spend one semester in Riga.

Vano Tsertsvadze

Coordinator of BA Program in Business Administration

Mob: +995 599 449 850;