Nikoloz Abuashvili

Head of MBA and PR MA Program / Professor

Email: n.abuashvili@gipa.ge

A brief description of the experience

Ph.D. in social sciences with a specialization in Economics from GIPA. Prof. Abuashvili’s academic background also includes business administration (MBA), management information systems (Diploma with honors; Engineer-economist qualification) and jurisprudence (Diploma) acquired at Georgian and US institutions. Joined GIPA in 2013. Since 1996 delivered lectures at Free university of Tbilisi’s business school ESM(GE), Caucasus University’s School of Business (GE), Georgian Technical University (GE), University of Tennessee (US), Université Catholique de Lille (FR), Jagiellonian University (PO); Authored MBA and BBA programs at GIPA, and MBA in Operations Management at Free University of Tbilisi. Active consultant since 1993, provides consulting and training in various business-related domains. Throughout his professional career held various managerial and professional roles in different sectors.



  • MBA

    Strategic leadership
    Business and its elements: Marketing
    Market analysis
    Operations management
    Finance in action
    Capstone Project / module 1
    Capstone Project /module 2
    Capstone Project / module 3
    Capstone Project / module 4
    PR masters’
    Capstone Project / module 1
    Capstone Project /module 2
    Capstone Project / module 3

  • BBA
    Marketing research
    Buslab 01
    Buslab 05
    Buslab 06
    Development of projects and business plans
    Other programs
    Marketing basics

Research and Publications: 

  • Abuashvili N., Exogenous factors affecting selection of bachelor’s degree programs in Georgia, GIPA, 2020, 2021
  • Abuashvili N., Growing Entrepreneurial Citizens, Conference on Entrepreneurship and Education organized by GIPA and Maastricht School of Management in Tbilisi, 2017
  • Abuashvili N., Eye for an eye – what markets consider important when valuing businesses, Eurasian Journal of Economics and Finance, 5(2), 2017, 84-96
  • Abuashvili N., Do markets see the same way? EBES 22nd Conference – Rome, 2017 
  • Keunwon Song, Partskhaladze N., Abuashvili N., Akhvlediani D., Economic development policy and clustering opportunities in developing countries: Georgian example, (2017) Chapter in the book: Ongoing issues in Georgian policy and public administration, Westphalia Press, George Mason University

Research interests: 

Economic growth; Value enhancement; Efficiency improvement, Value of education