Environmental Management and Policy

The Master’s Program in Environmental Management and Policy is intended for those who have already received higher education in any field and are willing to deepen their knowledge in the area of environmental management and policy.


》 Online Registration Form For Admission

Application submission:

From 17 September - 4 September

Passing an inner procedure of the University that is composed by the following stages: analyzing documents: at this stage, an application form developed by the University is filled out as it includes assessment of professional biography of the applicant; an interview with the admissions committee, which aims to assess the applicant’s knowledge in the selected field and defined the relevance of the applicant’s skills and abilities.

Admission Quota by the Test:

Type ‘A’ test                       20 students

Apportionment of Points of the Internal University Examination:

Test: 50 points

Interview: 50 points

Test in English – September 7

Interview – September 5

Classes begin – the third week of September (September 14)

GIPA, the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources Protection of Georgia, LEPL Environmental Information and Education Centre of the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources Protection of Georgia and the German Society for International Cooperation (GIZ) presents the Master’s Program in Environmental Management and Policy. The Environmental Management and Policy program of Georgian Institute of Public Relations School of Government is intended for those who are willing to thoroughly and systematically study the matters related to environmental management and policy, concepts of environmental protection, numerous areas of the discipline of environmental protection, key concepts of environmental and natural resource economics, or rational methods of decision-making in the context of environmental protection; furthermore, for the public servants whose activities require theoretical and practical knowledge of environmental issues. In addition, the program intends to pass on theoretical knowledge and practical experience to those who are already employed in the neighboring or relating fields to environment and natural resources or are interested in the said field.


The program aims to prepare highly qualified specialists in the area of environmental management and policy, who will be able to work successfully in the public, private and community sectors on research, academic or managing positions whose duties include working on the matters of environmental management and policy. Based on the received knowledge, the graduates of the Master’s Program in Environmental Management and Policy will be able to evolve professionally and pursue successful career in the public sector, as well as in International and non-governmental organizations and the private sector, which will be ensured by the curriculum of the Master’s Program.

Awarded Qualification – Master of Environmental Management and Policy

Education Cycle - Master’s

Credit Value of the Program - 120 ECTS

Academic Language - Georgian

Duration of the Program - 2 years

Academic Schedule – Evening classes

Download Curriculum Here

The accreditation process of the program concluded in September 2016

Tuition Fees

Tuition fee for Public Relations Master’s program is GEL 3,500 per year. The entire amount is divided into four equal payments, for each semester.


The cumulative price of the two-year Master’s Program in Environmental Management and Policy amounts to GEL 7,000. Aside from a state grant (GEL 2,250), the said program allows students to obtain GIPA’s co-financing (₾500 discount for the best student per semester during the academic year) for the purposes to finance their education.

Download Curriculum Here

Curriculum of the Master’s Program in Environmental Management and Policy (elective and compulsory subjects) 

  • I -II -III semester – major and elective courses
  • IV semester – Policy lab, working on a diploma
  • Lectures – work days: 19:00 – 22:00, Saturday: 12:00 -15:00

Academic Language

  • English and Georgia
  • Most of learning materials are in English

Name, Surname



Natia Iakobidze

Associated professor

·         Research methods and academic writing 

Kakha Bakhtadze 

Adjunct Lecturer

·         Project management and budgeting in Environmental field

Ketevan Gujaraidze

Adjunct Lecturer

·         Environment assessment tools

·         Environmental management tools

·         Environment and conflicts

Nino Tandilashvili

Adjunct Lecturer

·         Environmental policy

Lasha Arevadze 

Adjunct Lecturer

·         Environmental Economics

Zurab Gurielidze 

Ekaterine Kakabadze 

Adjunct Lecturer

·         Conservation and management of biodiversity

Kakha Artsivadze


·         Conservation and management of biodiversity

·         Fundamental challenges of Environment protection

Eliso Barnov

Adjunct Lecturer

·         Water resources management

Irakli Kobulia

Adjunct Lecturer

·         Water resources management

Khatuna Gigauri

Associated professor

·         Climate Change

Murman Margvelashvili

Adjunct Lecturer

·         Sustainable energy policy

Dachi Kanchaveli

Adjunct Lecturer

·         GIS and special planning in environmental filed

Nino Gelashvili

Adjunct Lecturer

·         Waste Management

·         Environmental Audit and Monitoring 

Noe Megrelishvili

Adjunct Lecturer

·         Air pollution management

Natia Iordanishvili 

Adjunct Lecturer

·         Forest and land management

Ia Papiashvili

Adjunct Lecturer

·         Efficient communication tools in Environmental Management

Tamar Koberidze

Adjunct Lecturer

·         Political lobbyism and advocacy

David Jandieri


·         Administrative Law

Maia Zavrashvili 


·         International Environmental Law

Georgian Institute of Public Relations has cooperated with various western and European Universities for many years. Within the scope of such partnerships, students of the Master’s Program in Environmental Management and Policy are enabled to choose the desired option where to continue studying:

  • Maastricht School of Management;
  • Universität Hamburg;
  • University of Prague;


Based on the memorandum of cooperation, the Master’s Program in Environmental Management and Policy will ensure the student’s (should they be willing) engagement in internship and research activities in the following organizations:

  • Environmental Protection and Natural Resources Committee of the Parliament of Georgia
  • Tbilisi City Municipal Assembly
  • Ministries of Environmental and Natural Resources Protection and Agriculture
  • Municipal Department of Environmental Protection of the City of Tbilisi

About center

CED was founded by School of Government of GIPA and Laboratory of Innovative Technologies (D-lab; https://piet.ucdavis.edu) of the University of California in May 2017.


The Center for Environmental Protection and Development constitutes a structural unit of the School, which aims to engage students and staff of the University in researching environmental sustainability and supporting refinement of public policy through developing modern and innovative alternatives.


The mission of the Center is to support the engagement of the university and student in the contexts of multidisciplinary research of environment, devising policy models adapted to problems and necessities, and introducing the principles of modern and effective government.

Within the scope of defined tasks and objectives, the Center pursues its activities in the following areas:

  • Consulting and analysis – cooperation with local and international organizations and implementation of development programs;
  • Conducting academic and applied researches – devising development scenarios and conducting researches with innovative approaches and based on local necessities;
  • Raising awareness of members of the public, private and community sectors through various training courses and other educational activities;

Organization of the platform for political dialogue – supporting the public, private and community cooperation and ensuring dialogue/discussion between parties based on the interests of country’s sustainable development.

Nutsa Mindiashvili

Coordinator, the Master’s Program in Environmental Management and Policy

Email: n.mindiashvili@gipa.ge

Cell+995 593 280 770