Murman Margvelashvili

Energy Policy

Email: m.margvelashvili@weg.ge

Dr. Murman Margvelashvili born 1956. Graduated Physics Faculty of Tbilisi State University in 1978 and acquired his Candidate of Science degree in Moscow Institute of Nuclear research in 1989. Dr.Margvelashvili conducted scientific research in high energy theoretical physics in various scientific centers in Georgia, Russia, Italy and Switzerland and published about 20 articles in international scientific journals. Since 1994 Dr.Margvelashvili has continued his professional work in the energy sector of Georgia helping to revive the sector after the collapse of Soviet system. His work included emergency procurement and rehabilitations of deteriorated infrastructure, feasibility studies of new projects and long term energy planning, energy sector reforms and privatization, operation, energy distribution systems, regulation and electricity market operations, international energy transit, international contracting and development of hydropower projects.

Since 2007 M.Margvelashvili is a director in energy studies of independent think tank World Experience for Georgia (WEG). In this capacity he has dealt with national and international aspects of energy policy, energy strategy, energy security and energy planning, International collaboration in climate change mitigation; Policy and legislation development, technical, economic, market analyses for energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies.

Dr. Margvelashvili is a member of Energy Academy of Georgia since 2006 and a member of Association of Energy Engineers since 1999. He is involved in Civil Society Activities and collaborates on energy education with several universities including Tbilisi state University, Ilia University and Georgian-American University. He is a frequent speaker on international and domestic energy conferences, workshops and forums including presentations to EURONEST parliamentary assembly and meetings of Eastern Partnership Platform 3 on energy security.