Digital Media and Communication

Preconditions for the Admission to the Program:

Bachelor’s Degree program is intended for entrants:

  • who have full secondary education
  • who have successfully passed Unified National Examinations
  • passed English as a foreign language.

In the unified national exams student must take following subjects: Georgian language and literature, English language, Math or History.

Voluntary: Any elective subject.

Applicants to the program should submit the following documents:

  • A copy of the ID card;
  • Certificate of secondary education (original, copy). If the certificate was not issued in Georgia, it must be accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.
  • Photo (3x4)
  • A copy of the document confirming military registration (for men)
  • Receipt for the payment of 1200 GEL.

Address: #2 Brosset street, 3rd floor

Digital Media and Communication BA program is a unique program in Georgia. It aims at preparing universal specialists in modern digital communication. The structure of the holistic program allows the future specialists of communication, to obtain complex knowledge and skills, which will help them in handling professional tasks by means of effective use of digital instruments. 

Successful graduates will be prepared to survive in competitive labor markets and to get employed on positions requiring the creation of online content, select the right format for different kinds of audiences and purposes, establish online communication, plan content distribution strategy; also they will be able to select, create and develop different types of media platforms independently.

Upon completion of foundation courses, students will be able to sign up for journalism or public relations courses and graduate with the qualification of Bachelor of Mass Communication.

Duration: Four years

Qualification to be awarded:   Bachelor of Mass Communication

Language of instruction: Georgian

For the years of 2018-2022 annual tuition fee equals to 4800 GEL, which can be paid in 4 installments.

We offer students two types of scholarships and co-funding:

Scholarship #1:

Students with the state grant receive the 1000 GEL co-funding during the first year of studies:

  • 50% grant
  • 4800 - 1125 (50%) - 1000 (GIPA) = 2575 GEL
  • 70% grant
  • 4800 - 1575 (70%) - 1000 (GIPA) = 2225  GEL
  • 100% grant
  • 4800 - 2250 (100%) - 1000 (GIPA) = 1550 GEL


After the first year of academic study, Best Students will receive financial aid from GIPA:

First two students in ranking are waved of one semester tuition - 2400 GEL.

Partners of the program:

  • Indigo
  • NetGazeti
  • Peritus 



The length of Mass Communications Bachelor’s Program is four years and consists of eight semesters during which a student should gather 240 credits.

Mandatory courses (I-VIII semesters)  157 credits - cover foundation courses, as well well introductory courses in online journalism, online communication, social media marketing, and web technologies.

Elective courses (IV-VII semesters) 44 credits - electives from journalism or public relations fields.

Free university credits (V-VIII semesters) 18 credits - students will gather free credits by choosing any subject of their interest from any Bachelor’s Program in GIPA.

Transmedia practical project (VII semester) 5 credits - practical creative project - students work on running a transmedia PR campaign, or a media project in media laboratory.

Internship requirement (VIII semester) 6 credits - students undertake internship that is compulsory with partner online media outlets and public relations and event management companies.

Diploma portfolio (VIII semester) 15 credits - diploma portfolio is a conceptually united selection of student’s works. Students start planning the portfolio in the end of VII semester and present the final product during the diploma defense. 


Nino Apakidze

Head of Digital Media and Communication BA Program


Cell: +995 551 16 06 69