22 April 2020 April 22 - Earth Day

April 22 - Earth Day

Every year, millions of citizens unite around one idea and try to contribute to the protection of the planet and the survival of natural ecosystems!   We couldn’t go out this year and had to celebrate Earth Day in the digital world. We have to re-evaluate our daily lives, our behaviors an ...

16 April 2020 LIVE Lecture - Covid 19 and Georgia

LIVE Lecture - Covid 19 and Georgia

On April 16, LIVE lecture "COVID 19 and Georgia" was held by Tengiz Pkhaladze, Professor of GIPA, Head of the Bachelor's Program in Political Science. To see Full video, go to link:

15 April 2020 LIVE Lecture - Coronomics Lessons

LIVE Lecture - Coronomics Lessons

On April 15, LIVE lecture "Coronomics Lessons" was held by Merab Kakulia, Professor of GIPA, Head of the Bachelor of Economics program. To see the full LIVE lecture, see Link:

08 April 2020 Blog at Radio GIPA

Blog at Radio GIPA

Radio GIPA’s Blog is an online platform that offers various content, including podcasts, vlog, advice and articles, to visitors.   Professors and managerial personnel of GIPA prepare the material that give us the opportunity to spend our free time in a pleasant, cognitive and interesting ...