20 December 2016 School of Applied Politics

School of Applied Politics

School of Applied Politics Under the patronage of the president of Georgia, GIPA announces admission at “School of Applied Politics” Program lasts for one year and aims at providing interested people with academic knowledge and relevant skills in Politics. Courses are delivered by leadin ...

01 October 2016

Multi-platform News Web portal To increase career opportunities for students, to create real working environment, bilingual Multi-platform news web portal is launched News department will be staffed with student editors and journalists. This project intends to involve Armenian and A ...

01 April 2016 Results-Based Monitoring and Evaluation

Results-Based Monitoring and Evaluation

Project Description GIPA presents the World Bank-funded project - Results-Based Monitoring and Evaluation for Public Servants. The project started in April 2016 and will last for two years. Project Objective - Increasing the awareness about M&E through developing civil servan ...

01 February 2016 GIPA Media Lab

GIPA Media Lab

School of Journalism and Media Management is implementing GIPA Media LAB, an unique and outstanding social project. Project aims to support integration of ethnical minority youth in Georgian public affairs, through equipping them with multimedia skills. Leading trainers involved in this project ...

16 April 2015   The One Health Master Class

The One Health Master Class

The project was implemented with financial support of US Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and with technical assistance of the Laboratory of the Ministry of Agriculture (LMA), and Colorado State University (CSU). The master class was led by Lali Madzgharashvili, Head of the LMA,  ...

02 February 2013 Capacity Development Support to GEOSTAT

Capacity Development Support to GEOSTAT

The Cooperative Support for the Caucasus Agricultural Development Initiative (CADI) aimed to enhance agricultural development and capacity building in Georgia, funded by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). Project period: 2010-2013