01 April 2016 Results-Based Monitoring and Evaluation

Results-Based Monitoring and Evaluation

Project Description GIPA presents the World Bank-funded project - Results-Based Monitoring and Evaluation for Public Servants. The project started in April 2016 and will last for two years. Project Objective - Increasing the awareness about M&E through developing civil servan ...

01 February 2016 GIPA Media Lab

GIPA Media Lab

School of Journalism and Media Management is implementing GIPA Media LAB, an unique and outstanding social project. Project aims to support integration of ethnical minority youth in Georgian public affairs, through equipping them with multimedia skills. Leading trainers involved in this project ...

01 March 2011 GIPA Docu


GIPA DocU is the Student Documentary Film Festival featuring works by GIPA’s Journalism and Media Management School students. It takes place every year in November. GIPADocU was established in 2011 by the faculty and students of the CSJMM. In the first years of the fes ...