Within the ERASMUS+ Project 2018-1-HR01-KA107-047219, referring to cooperation with HEI College of Applied Sciences “Lavoslav Ružička” in Vukovar, (VEVU) HR VUKOVAR01 form program country Croatia,

Georgian Institute of Public Affairs, the project partner from partner country Georgia, (GIPA)   -SENDING HEI, announces the Internal Call for Applications for selectin two staff and awarding financial supports for individual staff mobility, which objective is training at the College of Applied Sciences “Lavoslav Ružička” in Vukovar, (VEVU) HR VUKOVAR01 (further in the text: Host HEI) in Croatia. All incoming activities supported within this call are coordinated and administered by GIPA and VEVU.

Mobility activities within the Internal Call refer to:

Training activity – to support professional development of staff in the form of scientific work or training events abroad (excluding conferences).  In this call mobility activity will be Job shadowing - a form of professional training when a staff observes and follows the work of colleagues from host institutions at his or her workplace.

The overall objective of individual mobilities to be realized within this project call is intensification of international cooperation, development of institutional capacities for international mobility, internationalization of curriculum, strengthening of social dimension in international exchanges, strengthening of international partner network, and development of professional scientific skills with sustainable impact on long-term cooperation activities.

Individual staff mobilities are to be realized according to the Mobility Plan that will be agreed with the host institution.

Administrative staff members have to be employed by the sending HEI GIPA throughout the whole process of application and realization of mobility.

ELIGIBLE PERIOD for realization of mobility for STAFF approved within this call is:

The project duration period: 01 July 2018 – 31 July 2020;  Job Shadowing activity from this Call is planned to be realized in December 2018

FINANCIAL SUPPORTS are awarded to staff members of the GIPA as the incoming mobility at Host HEI.

Within this project call, staff can spend a training period at Host HEI in duration of 5 day, with financial support awarded from the project budget. Longer stays are possible only without financial support. The grant for staff will provide funding for maximum two additional day of travel. Once started, the mobility activity cannot be interrupted.

The referential amounts awarded as a mobility grant to each selected participant are consisting of daily allowance (per diem -140 EUR) for staff, and of travel cost calculated by the tool EC Distance Calculator defined according to distance band from the place of official seat of the sending HEI to the place of official seat of the Host HEI.


All application documents shall be typed (not hand-written), except for signature.

The candidates should submit the applications electronically (complete applications shall be scanned / converted into one .pdf document) until November 16, 2018 to the following email address:


  1. Application form for staff mobility (appendix 1)
  2. Work plan (appendix 2)
  3. Curriculum Vitae (Europass form)
  4. 4. Dissemination Plan (appendix 3)
  5. Verification Letter (appendix 4)
  6. Knowledge of English language
  7. Confirmation of the employer (home HEI) about the applicant’s employment status
  8. Proof of citizenship (copy of passport, or certificate of nationality)

All application documents shall be prepared in English language.

By submitting the application to this call, all applicants agree that the GIPA publishes their personal data on the web page within the selection procedures and further uses their personal data within the administration procedures and reporting.

APPLICATION DEADLINE is November 15, 2018

Incomplete applications or applications received after the deadline will not be eligible for assessment process. Detailed information about the application process, assessment and realization of mobility are described in the Internal Call for Applications.


All applications will be checked for formal eligibility criteria.

The submitted documents will be considered by the call commission of Georgian Institute of Public Affairs

The main assessment criteria for applications for staff mobility are the following:

  • Work Plan
  • Mobility outcomes at personal and institutional level
  • Sustainability of cooperation
  • Dissemination of mobility results
  • Knowledge of English language (or other foreign language that will be the main language of communication within the mobility)

The Committee for Erasmus+ mobility programme will publish the assessment results at the web page of GIPA and will inform all applicants about the assessment by e-mail correspondence.

Applicants, whose mobility proposals will be refused for realization, shall be informed in writing about the reasons for refusal.

All applicants can request an insight into the assessment procedure within 8 working days after public announcement of the results.

All applicants have a right to file a complaint against the assessment results within 8 days after public announcement of the results. Complaints shall be submitted to the GIPA commission of Georgian Institute of Public Affairs. Complaints have to be prepared in writing in form of a letter, and submitted as pdf document to the e-mail Applicants filing a complaint will receive a reply by the GIPA Committee for Erasmus+ mobility program at least within 8 days after complaint receipt.