Multimedia Journalism and Media Management

Preconditions for admission to the program:

Multimedia Journalism and Media Management Master’s program is for those individuals who have already received a bachelor’s degree in any other program and who want to deepen their knowledge in multimedia journalism and media management. 


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Entry requirements for foreign citizens: 

In order to enroll as an applicant at GIPA, foreign citizens and/or applicants who have received a bachelor's degree outside of Georgia are required to submit the following documents to the National Center for Educational Quality Enhancement in Georgia for the recognition of foreign education. 

    • A copy of the applicant’s identity card (in case of foreign citizens, the notarized translation of the copy of the Passport)
    • Translated and notarized copy of a Higher Education Diploma and its supplement (Transcript) 

  • Application form, translated and notarized 

Application form and details 

Application submission:

From 17 August - 4 September

Interview with the Admission Committee, the aim of which is to assess the applicant’s knowledge in the chosen field and to define the applicant’s skills and compliance with the field.   

The Caucasus School of Journalism and Media Management CSJMM was founded in 2001. Multimedia Journalism and Media Management MA program is offered in English language. The lecturers of the program are Georgian, American and European professionals whose methods of teaching are based on facts and high standards of journalism.  

The School’s curriculum is based on the study of needs and challenges of modern digital and new media; aimed at developing creative and critical thinking skills. The program prepares students with different skills for modern media organizations.  To work in the field of media, students master techniques such as: Photography, writing, creating and managing of online platforms, editing videos and creating their own documentary films. Students are involved in activities planned by their university.

Multimedia Journalism and Media Management MA Program is for two years and consists of 4 semesters.

Amount of Program in Credits: 120 ECTS

Language of Instruction:  English

Purpose of the Program:

The goal of the Master’s Program in Multimedia Journalism and Media Management is to support democratic processes and social justice by strengthening of independent media and pluralistic and free media environment in the Caucasus region. The program achieves this goal through teaching core journalism standards and values and the principles of media management and entrepreneurship. The program is orientated for students to acquire fundamentals of professional ethics, skills in multimedia, transmedia and cross media journalism.  International and Georgian faculty involved in the program facilitate students to develop skills necessary to become communication specialists in modern digital era.


Tuition Fee:


For the full one academic year, tuition fee consists of 4,500 GEL. The fee can be paid in 4, at the beginning of every semester.

Bank Details: 

Bank code (MFO) – 220101850

Account holder – Non-commercial Legal Entity Georgian Institute of Public Affairs

Account No - GE84TB1100000110700419 / GEL

Salome Gvelesiani

Coordinator of MA Program in Multimedia Journalism and Media Management


Phone: (+995) 595 54 34 42