Assistant Professor

Ekaterine Basilaia

Assistant Professor


A brief description of the experience

Holds a Master of Science in Mass Communications from San Jose State University (SJSU), California, USA. Has 15 years of research and teaching experience in the field of media and communications. Author of various academic publications, analytical and evaluation reports focusing on media-related topics about Georgia and other Eastern Partnership countries. Recipient of various local and international educational and research grants and fellowships, including from the Edmund Muskie Fellowship program, The Netherlands Fellowship Program, OSF’s Academic Fellowship Program, and The Fund for American Studies. Experienced in serving on the executive and supervisory boards of various organizations and currently a member of the supervisory board of the online investigative media outlet


  • Theory of Mass Communications

Research and Publications: 

  • Basilaia, E.; Andguladze, M.; Keshelashvili, A.; Ergeshidze, E. & Kurashvili, K. (2023). Resilience to disinformation at the regional level in Georgia. The Center for Media, Information and Social Research, Tbilisi.

  • Zondler, Elena; Basilaia, Ekaterine;  Matschke, Alexander & Meier, Evelin (2023). Georgia, Media freedom in decline. Deutsche Welle.

  • Vibrant Information Barometer (VIBE) 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023, IREX.

  • Basiaia, E.; & Danelia, N. (2022). Mapping and needs assessment of media literacy practices in Georgia. Council of Europe.

  • Ekaterine Basilaia, Filip Pazderski, Dr. Petra Kuchyňková, Jan Cingel. Informing the public about the EU: The media practitioners from Georgia, Poland, Slovakia and Czech Republic share experiences, Georgian Institute of Politics, July 2019, Tbilisi.

  • Dudouet, V.; Eshaq, A.; Basilaia, E. & Macharashvili, N. (2018). From policy to action: assessing the European Union’s approach to inclusive mediation and dialogue support in Georgia and Yemen. Peacebuilding, 6(3), 183-200 

Research interests: media systems, media pluralism, political communication, media policy, media freedom, history of journalism, media during social and political transitions, press-state relations, disinformation.