Maka Ioseliani



Maka Ioseliani  has 15 years of executive managerial experience  at GIPA, 5 years on the position of rector and 10 years being Dean of the School of Government.  Therefore, she has the 12 years of academic expertize in Communication, Leadership and Public Speaking. Previously she held various positions in diplomatic missions and international organizations. She is the chief editor of the publications in Public Administration field, mainly ethics, measurement and monitoring and strategic planning in governance. Maka Ioseliani is the member of several international alliances; she is the executive head of Georgian Foundation for Education and Training (GFET); she has been the official representative of CELA for two years.   

Maka is working on the PhD thesis related to the higher education; She has GIPA MPA degree and Tbilisi State University MA degree in Russian Language and Literature.

Maka Ioseliani has participated in several programs and cconferences:  MSM Executive Education Program in Management (Maastricht University, Netherlands), Staff Mobility Program (University of Economics in Bratislava, 2016),  Academic entrepreneurship (Fatih Univevrsity, Turkey, 2014), Leadership and Management of Higher Educational Institutions (Certificate, Maastricht University, Netherlands), Regional Conference in Public Administration Education (CIDA, Tbilisi, 2010, presenter), Public Policy Symposium (Troy University, Florida, 2009, attendee), Reinventing Government Forum in EU (NISPAcee, Vienna, Austria, presenter) and Financial Decentralization and Management on the Regional Level (World Bank Institute, Tbilisi, 2003, presenter).


  1. Frederickson H.G., Ghere R.K. Ethics in Public Management – translated info Georgian, 2006 year, Chief-Editor
  2. English-Georgian Vocabulary of Public Policy and Economic Terms – Tbilisi, 2006 year, Chief-Editor
  3. Strategic Planning in Local Governance – Tbilisi, 2005 year, Chief-Editor
  4. Amons D. Accountability for Performance: Measurement and Monitoring in Local Government – translated into Georgian, Tbilisi, 2003 year, Chief-Editor