Students Media Center

"GIPA Student Media is the Media within the Caucasus School of Journalism at Georgian Institute of Public Affairs, which incorporates 94.3 FM and web portal

GIPA Student Media has been operationg since 2006. It aims to become a practical platform for the publication of journalism prouds produced by the students of various courses of journalism school.

It is also a collaborative space for students of Media Engineering and Journalism Faculty, where they jointly create experimental multimedia projects.

GIPA Student Media encourages interested students from all four schools to use the platform for creating and distributin their own media products and projets.

In order to prepare media professionals who have the skills to deal with the modern requirements of the digital environment and media market, it is essential for the students to be involved the in the web and multimedia industry from the very first days of education, so that they have to use all the skills they learns an master during theoretical and practical courses.

In addition, it is important that the graduates of the journalism school have their own online portfolio page after completion of the pregame , which they can present to future employers.

  • Generate multimedia project ideas
  • Research
  • Collecting materials
  • Establishment of a multidisciplinary team
  • Design concept
  • Web development
  • Creating Social media activity plan
  • Presentation of the project to the broader audience, raise awarenece towards the topic, discussion.

Student Films Festival GIPA Doc U is participating in the competition program of the journalism faculty of Student Films and multimedia projects prepared within the framework of Multimedia Production Course.

The Festival also has 2 Pitching Sessions - where the winning multimedia and documentary film projects are funded to implement the idea.

The jury consisting of media producers gives 4 prizes annually:

  • Best Documentary Film
  • Best Multimedia History
  • The best documentary film project
  • Best Multimedia History Project

Last year students joined GIPA MEDIALAB project participants from Marneuli and Javakheti. The pupils presented their multimedia works to the festival guests.