Student Support and Career Development Center

The aim of the Student Support and Career Department Center protect students' rights and legitimate interests in the University and create a student-oriented environment, which is implemented by the Center in accordance with the common University regulatory acts. The Center carries out its activities in several main directions:

  • Ensuring the protection of students' rights and legitimate interests;
  • Student support in the direction of career development;
  • Ensure the diversity of student life.

The center implements the activities, with the involvement of University school staff including coordinators and quality management managers, in accordance with the common University regulatory acts. In the activities of the Center, students or student unions also work closely with the Center in connection of various issues, participate in providing better protection of students 'rights, identifying their needs and planning and conducting a variety of students' lives.

The Center coordinates the following activities to ensure the support of students' career development:

  • Providing information on participation in partner foreign universities, participation in semester or exchange programs and providing relevant consultations;
  • Inform students about vacancies, internships and other career opportunities (the communication facility at the University of and other means);
  • Relevant consultations on vacancies and internships, such as: Go to interviews, prepare relevant documents, CV, autobiography, motivation letter, recommendation and other documents;
  • Signing memorandums with public and private organizations to support internships and employment of students and graduates;
  • Support students' in accessing internships with credit and internal University internship / employment;
  • Involvement of students in the civil service bureau internship system, also supporting the internships in different organizations for them;
  • Keeping employer base in the University, through which the University conducts bilateral communication with potential employers;
  • Participation in labor market research aimed at determining labor market demands and according to the need, improving vocational skills required by the employer to improve the academic process based on the results and prepare appropriate staff;
  • Participation in organizing special trainings for graduates (Alumni Upgrading Courses) for Graduates, which offers to graduates new opportunities for career development.

To provide variety student life the Center plans and implements the following activities


  • Student sports events: skiing, soccer, basketball and other tournaments;
  • External student activities of the University (sports, cognitive, TV and other activities);
  • Student educational events ("What? Where? When?", GIPA Club travelers, expedition / lecture and other);
  • Various charitable and social events initiated by students, Also, the projects implemented by students initiative ("Aikubi", "Lib Art", student programs of radio GIPA);
  • International events reflecting student success (submission to documentary international festivals, participation in international mock court proceedings, etc.);
  • Student qualification developmental projects (Portfolio Review, GIPA Docu);
  • To ensure maximum involvement of students The Center participates in international and local student conferences.



For the protection of students' rights and legitimate interests, the Center:

  • Performs the function of students ombudsman within the scope of competence and authority defined by "Rules for the Protection of Students' Rights and Legal Interests";
  • Provides and coordinates organizational / introductory meetings for newly enrolled students on various educational programs;
  • Provides and coordinates the supply of relevant information to students in connection with the use resources of libraries, laboratories, University electronic databases and other University resources.



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Ekaterine Kharabadze

Ekaterine Kharabadze

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