Cultural Heritage Center

The Center of Cultural Heritage represents a structural unit at the School of Government of the Georgian Institute of Public Affairs (GIPA). The Center runs the GIPA Travel Club which was formed in 2011 within the BA program in Social Sciences.

Directions of the Center's Activities:

  • Aspects of cultural and historical heritage.
  • Aspects of education and learning.
  • Aspects of public awareness and civic engagement.
  • Aspects of ecological awareness.

Mission and Vision

The Center of Cultural Heritage’s mission and values are:

  • To support the involvement of the young generation in preserving and promoting Georgia’s cultural heritage.
  • To engage and cooperate with the central and local government, and the business and non-governmental sectors.
  • To implement informational, educational and cultural programs in order to improve the quality of civic awareness and responsibility.
  • To identify issues of interest and concern, conduct research activities, elaborate recommendations and initiate activities and actions that will promote the quality of cultural heritage protection.


The objectives of the Center of Cultural Heritage are:

  • To develop and implement informational, educational and cultural events and programs in order to improve public awareness and increase the role of civic engagement in preserving Georgia’s cultural heritage.
  • To attract donor organizations and engage in fund raising.
  • The objectives of the GIPA Travel Club are:
  • To raise awareness on the geography and history of Georgia.
  • To promote a healthy lifestyle through the involvement of students of other Georgian universities in the Center’s activities.
  • To provide comprehensive information about the history of Tbilisi and its urban culture, traditions and lifestyle.

  • Activities

    • Establishing effective communication with central and local governmental bodies, the private sector and NGOs for further cooperation
    • Developing and implementing a certified course, Everything About Tbilisi
    • Developing and implementing a certified course, Certified Tbilisi Guide
    • Increasing public awareness on preserving cultural and natural heritage
    • Preparing programs for Radio GIPA
    • Developing and implementing thematic tourist routes
    • Organizing field tours
    • Organizing clean-up events at areas of cultural and natural monuments
    • Developing and implementing educational programs
    • Preparing conferences, meetings and debates
    • Organizing exhibitions
    • Publishing
    • Promoting the revival of specific traditions
    • Organizing research activities, publicizing their results and lobbying activities
    • Developing legislative projects, further lobbying and advocacy
    • Disseminating information about the activities of the Center
  • Union of Town Conservators - "Tiflis Hamcari"
  • "ICOMOS-Georgia"
  • LLEPL State Museum of the Georgian Theater, Music, Cinema and Choreography
  • SAVE Europe`s Heritage

Certified Tbilisi Guide

GIPAs’ Center of Cultural Heritage, in partnership with the Union of Town Conservators - Tiflis Hamcari, announces a call for applications for the Certified Tbilisi Guide program. The aim of this certified program is to prepare highly qualified guides who will be capable of creating and leading professional guided tours in Tbilisi.


The target audience is tourist guilds, representatives of tour and travel companies and other interested parties who would like to work in the field of Tbilisi tourism.

Upon successfully completing the program, students will know the history of Tbilisi, its architecture and infrastructure and other city-related topics and issues which will further enable them to lead existing or create new tours and tourist programs. In parallel, students will increase their ability for effective communication with tour groups.

Course Description:

  • History of Tbilisi
  • Culture and Architecture of Tbilisi
  • Gastronomic Culture
  • History of Infrastructure and Transport (Water, Sewage, Electricity, Bridges)
  • Foreigners about Tbilisi
  • Green History
  • Tbilisi’s Traditions and Craftsmanship
  • Tbilisi’s Hotels

Skills Training:

  • Communication Psychology
  • Presentation Skills
  • Management of Critical Situations
  • First-aid Training
  • Methodology of Working with Sources


  • Old Tbilisi Tour
  • Tbilisi Transport Tour