Center for Enviromental Protection and Development

CED was founded by School of Government of GIPA and Laboratory of Innovative Technologies (D-lab; of the University of California in May 2017.

The Center for Environmental Protection and Development constitutes a structural unit of the School, which aims to engage students and staff of the University in researching environmental sustainability and supporting refinement of public policy through developing modern and innovative alternatives.

The mission of the Center is to support the engagement of the university and student in the contexts of multidisciplinary research of environment, devising policy models adapted to problems and necessities, and introducing the principles of modern and effective government.

Within the scope of defined tasks and objectives, the Center pursues its activities in the following areas:

  • Consulting and analysis – cooperation with local and international organizations and implementation of development programs;
  • Conducting academic and applied researches – devising development scenarios and conducting researches with innovative approaches and based on local necessities;
  • Raising awareness of members of the public, private and community sectors through various training courses and other educational activities;
  • Organization of the platform for political dialogue – supporting the public, private and community cooperation and ensuring dialogue/discussion between parties based on the interests of country’s sustainable development.