Intellectual Law for Creative Industry Representatives

The program is oriented on anybody involved in the creative industry, who works in marketing, branding, advertising or other areas of business, creates campaigns, any type of advertising, uses personal data, copyrighted works, photos and video materials.

After completing the program, you will learn what are the key legal issues important while creative activities or advertising campaigns, how to protect your rights and those of interested parties, and how to avoid legal problems.

The lecturer with plenty years of practical experience and a practicing lawyer in the field of intellectual property, will share and discuss practical issues arisen during the creative activity or advertising campaign implementation process, including: customer contracting, idea and its legal protection, protection of commercial secrets, processing of personal data (photo, music, drawing, video material, etc.), protection of consumer rights, use of a person's name and image in advertising, protection of slogans, etc.

Within the framework of the GIPA program, you will get to know Georgian legislation, Georgian and foreign court practice. The goal of the program is to develop practical skills that will help you in your daily activities and prevent from legislative challenges.

Program Content

  1. Intellectual Property General Overview: Copyrights, Trademarks, Patents and Trade Secrets
  2. Signing a contract with the customer
  3. Idea and its defense. The idea and the form of expression of the idea. Using third party’s idea
  4. Signing an agreement with the persons participating in the creative activity process. Features of the labor relationship. Product order contract. Service Transfering intellectual property rights under contract. The issue of co-authorship.
  5. Protection of commercial secrets
  6. Processing of personal data: Georgian legislation and norms in force in the European Union (General Data Protection Regulation);
  7. Using copyrighted works: photo, drawing, music, video material, use of material protected in archives, use of such a work whose author is unknown.
  8. Protection of intellectual property created within the scope of creative activity or advertising campaign
  9. Using a person's name and image
  10. Protection of advertising campaign slogan. Registration of the slogan as a trademark.
  11. Protection of consumer rights
  12. Use of Internet for advertising campaign
  13. Sending commercial messages

Levan Nanobashvili – Lawyer, patent attorney, NB Legal’s foundering partner and director. His main areas are intellectual property law and the legal regulation of the Internet. He has been providing legal services to photographers, artists, actors, creators, publishing houses and film producers. Besides abovementioned, Levan was involved in various litigations concerning the protection of the rights of Georgian authors on YouTube, the use of a person's image in Facebook advertising, the determination of the boundaries of trademark rights and the freedom of expression, and other issues related to intellectual property.

Levan has been delivering lectures and trainings in intellectual property law and Internet law at the Georgia Institute of Public Affairs and the University of Georgia for many years. In 2015, Levan taught media law at Masaryk University (Brno, Czech Republic).

Levan holds LLM degree from Michigan State University (USA), LLM degree from Central European University (Hungary) and a Juris Doctor degree from Tbilisi State University. As a participant in the Fulbright program, he studied at Syracuse University (USA), where he researched the legal regulation of the Metaverse.

Levan is the author of many scientific works published in Georgia and the USA. His works mainly discuss copyright, the protection of neighboring rights, intellectual property rights in the Metaverse, freedom of expression and other issues.

Program cost: 500 GEL


Discount System


The program includes individual discounts:

  • Graduates of GIPA - 10%
  • Family members studying on the same program at the same time - 10%

Corporate Discount:

In case of organization covering the personnel development costs, special discounts vary: 

  • two or three employees – 10%
  • four employees – 15%
  • five or more employees – 20%

*One person is eligible to receive one kind of discount per program. 



The installments should be made on the organizational account. Personal ID number and name of the program should be included in the payment order. 


Bank details:

  • TBC Bank JSC
  • Bank code (MFO): TBCB GE 22
  • Name of recipient – Georgian Institute of Public Affairs

Account number - GE84TB1100000110700419 / GEL

Interested applicants should fill out the registration form.

Registration deadline: November 20, 2023.


Criteria for selection:

  • Motivation
  • Communication skill

*Knowledge of English (level B2) is preferable.

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