Principles of Psychology

The program is an opportunity to get to know the basics of psychology.

Over the course of the knowledge and skills of the participants will be prepared for further professional development in the field of psychology.

The course is designed for:

For those who do not have the background of psychological education and are willing to apply to the program of Applied Psychology ("labor and organization psychology" and "political psychology" field) at the Georgian Institute of Public Affairs (GIPA) School of Social Sciences.
Knowledge of psychological stakeholders

General Psychology:

Introduction to general psychology;
Cognitive processes (perception, feeling, memory, thinking) ;
The subject of Set and behavior ( motivation, emotion, stress, behavior) ;
Personality psychology (personality basic options, research methods)
Social psychology ( Social-psychology research methods, Interpersonal perception, “I” in the social world, Attitudes, Social cognition, Prejudice, Social influence, pro-social behavior, anti-social behavior, groups) ;
English language- if necessary

Duration of study: 3 month

Total academic hours:120 hours, English 30 hours

Cost of the program: 1500 GEL

In addition to English (if necessary) 300 GEL

Learning methodology:

During the process of learning both lectures and interactive methods will be used. Participants will be assessed based on midterm and final exam in each subject.

After graduation, participants will receive a certificate of completion of the course on the foundations of psychology.

One Copy of ID
Filled application form
Autobiography (CV)
Required: English – Elementary level