Human Resources Management

Program aims at increasing the knowledge of the participants about the HR role and functions, make linkages with HR business, promote the undergoing changes in the company and optimization of the processes, elaborate and develop the systems, processes and action plan considering the related business needs.

After the completion of the course, the participants will develop the following competencies: needs assessment, recruitment, talent management and career development, performance management, planning researches based on the needs assessment and outlining the relative action plans, performance appraisal - the compensation and benefit system.

Based on the gained knowledge, course participants will be able to contribute to the successful development of the business.

Course is designed for:

– HR managers, who aim to deepen their knowledge and skills in the field;

– For the people, who aim to work in the HR field.

Organization and HRM role

History of organizational development and HRM role;
Organizational structures
HRM main directions
Employment market in Georgia
Rights of Employees based on the legislation

Recruitment strategy
Significance of Effective Recruitment in the Organization
The levels and methods of Recruitment in the Organization
Types and strategies of interviewing
Job Description
Socialization of the new employee

Professional Development

The meaning and models of professional and career based development
Analysis of the training needs
Categorization of the positions and elaborating relative professional development system: training, education, monitoring and individual development plan
Steps of career development and elaborating the development plans;
Performance Appraisal system
Path from conflict to collaboration
End of employment

Significance of compensation and benefit system in the company
Current models and analysis of CB system
Field oriented CB system
Creating comfortable working environment for the staff
Staff recognition
Encouraging and rewarding
Salary Increase principles
Bonus systems

Course duration: 3 months

Course capacity: 150 hours

Program fee: 1500 GEL

Teaching methodology:

Teaching is interactive and participatory. After completion of each module, the students will prepare projects / presentations and after completion of the whole program they will prepare the team project.

After completion of the certificate the listeners will receive the Certificate of HR Manager.

Students should provide:

Copy of ID card
Filled in Application form
Students should know English (intermediate level) and have the working experience.


The documents should be provided till September 30, 2014. The lectures will begin on October 12, 2014.


14 years of working experience in HR management on the executive positions; Main directions: Business audit, internal organizational researches, recruitment, trainings and professional development. 10+ years trainer-consultant experience in project management, general management and service plus.

Matsatso Papava

Nana Tvalabeishvili

12 years of working experience in HR management on the executive positions in local and international organizations. Main directions: CB systems, Internal Organizational researches, training and professional development. 10+ years trainer-consultant in project management, general management and service plus.

Nino Bakarashvili

15 years of experience in HR management on executive positions. Main directions – HR management, Selection, Process Management, Appraisal Systems, CB..

HR researches

Research methodology
Employee satisfaction survey and importance;
Team effectiveness survey
Linkage of research data with the strategic plan

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