Training “Motivation Alchemy and its Management”

06 July, 2019

On 6th of June, 2019 Training and Consulting Centers structural unit Teaching Excellence Center (TEC) of Georgian Institute of Public Affairs (GIPA) conducted a Training “Motivation Alchemy and its Management” in Frontline Georgia. TEC provides short-term trainings for Universities academic and invited staff in different directions and aims to improve their teaching methods and professional development according to their needs and requirements.

The training “Motivation Alchemy and its Management” was delivered by trainer –Andro Dgebuadze. The purpose of the training was to provide participants with a holistic vision of person and its abilities. To discuss the use of different methodological approaches towards students; Understanding the methods of achieving a balance between rule and freedom; The alchemy of motivation and its management, which involves topics about the structure of motivation, talent and ability, healthy pedagogy and management. During the training, three paradigms of learning were also discussed: obedience, criticism, and understanding. At the same time, Nash game theory was used to analyse the teaching culture. The training was conducted in a monologue format, which was conducted in an interactive mode.