Free training on coverage of civil protests

27 June

During the dispersal of the June 20 rally, 32 journalists were injured during the professional work. This indicates both the absence of defensive means and the absence of the preliminary work plan at increased risk.

Due to the current situation, GIPA and HEAT Center Georgia offer free training on coverage of civil protests.

The following topics will be discussed at the training:

- Preliminary planning importance; Risk assessment and planning: place analysis, analysis of participating parties, selection of positions, communication plan, medical plan, planning expiration;
- Equipment: What to wear and what to do, working equipment, communication equipment, gadgets, protective equipment;
- Coverage of protests and disturbance: how to keep track of the situation, strenuous indicators of the situation;
- First aid: tear gas, traumatic injuries;
- After the Crisis Case: Analysis, Debring, Psychological Discharge;

David Mzinarishvili - Photojournalist
Giorgi Kupatadze - IREX SAFE Initiative
Irakli Andronikashvili - Security Consultant

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Date: June 29
Time: 11:00 - 16:00
Address: GIPA, Caucasian School of Journalism and Media Management, Brosse Street # 2