Ia Eradze

Associate Professor

Email: i.eradze@gipa.ge

Doctor of Social and Economic Sciences. Master of Global Political Economy, University of Kassel. She is the author of academic publications in international peer-reviewed journals and publishing houses, such as Cambridge Journal of Economics, Globalizations, Edward Elgar Publishing. Her monograph "Uravelling Dollarization Persistence: the Case of Georgia" was published by the British publishing house Routledge in 2022. She is an occasional reviewer for Routledge and The Review of Political Economy. She has 4 years of teaching experience in Germany and Georgia and is the author of online courses in finance and political economy. Currently, she is a teaching fellow of the Center for Economic Research and Graduate Education - Economics Institute (CERGE-EI) at GIPA. Ia is involved in the organization of trainings, summer schools and conferences, in cooperation with different universities and international foundations. She has received a number of scholarships and research grants, including from the European Union, DAAD, Harvard and John Hopkins Universities. At various times, she worked as a post-doctoral researcher at the Leibniz Center for Modern History in Potsdam and as a visiting researcher at Harvard University, Trinity College, the University of Vienna and Sciences Po in Paris.


  • Money and Banking;
  • Globalization;
  • Economic Doctrines.


Research and Publications:

Eradze, Ia (2023). Dollarization Persistence in Georgia in the Prism of State Building, Globalizations, Special Issue: Stuck in Transition? Post-Soviet Spaces between Regions, Ideologies and Uncertain Futures. https://doi.org/10.1080/14747731.2023.2221096

Eradze, Ia (2023, in press). Making of the Central Bank of Georgia in the 1990s: Conceptualising Change and Historical Legacies, Jahrbücher für Geschichte Osteuropas.

Eradze, Ia (2023). Unravelling Dollarization: State-building, accumulation, and debt in post-revolutionary Georgia, Phenomenal World, https://www.phenomenalworld.org/

Eradze, Ia (2023). Taming Dollarization Hysteresis: evidence from post-socialist states in: Ch. Scherrer, J. Wullweber, A. Garcia (Eds), Handbook on Critical Political Economy and Public Policy, Edward Elgar Publishing.

Eradze, Ia. (2024, Forthcoming). Fortune or Homelessness? Dollar Loans and Evictions in Georgia during the Pandemic. In: A. Wilkis (Ed.), “Dolarizaciones. La caja negra de las crisis y del futuro en el sur global”.

Eradze, Ia (2023, in press). sakhelmts’ipo bank’is p’olit’ikuri ek’onomia [Political economy of the Georgian State Bank in the 20th century], in: L. Nakhutsrishvili (Ed.) sakartvelos demok’rat’iuli resp’ublik’a (1918-1921): pormisa da shinaarsis dziebashi [The Democratic Republic of Georgia (1918-1921): in quest of form and meaning]. Ziari Press, Tbilisi.

Eradze, Ia (2022). Unravelling Dollarization Persistence: the case of Georgia, Routledge.

Eradze, Ia (2022). Financialization of Monetary Policy in a Dollarized Economy: the case of Georgia, Cambridge Journal of Economics, https://doi.org/10.1093/cje/beac019

Eradze, Ia (2022). Pandemic drives Georgians further into debt, Eurasianet, https://eurasianet.org/perspectives-pandemic-drives-georgians-further-into-debt

Eradze, Ia (2021). State, Capital, and the new Antagonism, Heinrich Böll Foundation South Caucasus, Tbilisi.

Eradze, Ia (2021). Imbalanced foreign trade, debt, and investment in developing countries: The case of Georgia, policy paper, Heinrich Böll Foundation, Brussels, Washington DC.

Eradze, Ia (2020). Corona Pandemic as an Amplifier of Socio-Economic Crises in Georgia, Caucasus Analytical Digest, 115 (May), 3-7. https://doi.org/10.3929/ethz-b-000415805

Eradze, Ia (2020). samtomop’ovebiti indust’riis socialur-ek’ologiuri k’rizisebi sakhelmts’ipos msheneblobis da ganvitarebis narat’ivebis ch’rilshi [Socio-ecological crises of the extractive industry in the prism of state building and development narratives], in: T. Qeburia, K. Eristavi (Eds) [Extractivist Intersections: politics, ecology, and social justice], EMC, HBS South Caucasus, Tbilisi, 146-171.

Eradze, Ia (2020). w’arbvalianoba da erovnuli bank’is roli [Overindebtedness of households and the role of the Georgian central bank], working paper, Human Rights Education and Monitoring Centre (EMC), Tbilisi.

Eradze, Ia (2020). erovnuli bank’is p’olit’ik’is dilemebi inplatsiis targetirebis rej’imshi [Policy dilemmas of the Georgian central bank under inflation targeting], working paper, Platforma.Ge, Friedrich Ebert Foundation South Caucasus, Tbilisi.

Eradze, Ia (2020). Neoliberaluri ts’esrigi da hibriduli sakhelmts’ipo [Mining industry during the pandemic: neoliberal order and the hybrid state], Human Rights Education and Monitoring Centre (EMC), Tbilisi.

I.L.A. Kollektiv (2019). At the expenses of others? How the imperial mode of living prevents a good life for all. Oekom. München. [Member of the I.L.A. Kollektiv].

Research interests:

Finance, central banking, currency hierarchy, crypto currencies, household debt, state theory, development.