Nika Khoperia

Assistant professor

Email: n.khoperia@gipa.ge

Doctoral Student. M.A. of Medieval Studies from Ilia State University. He has over five years of experience related to higher educational institutions, including the Georgian Institute of Public Affairs and Ilia State University. He has published more than a dozen scientific articles both in Georgian and in English. Owns a blog for the popularization of military history. Received the Tsinandali award in 2020 for his two-volume work about the Military history of Late Antique Georgia. He also held a Shota Rustaveli National Science Foundation grant for M.A. students. With Alexander Mikaberidze (Professor of Louisiana State University in Shreveport), he has published several books on the French Revolution and the Napoleonic Wars (in Georgian). Owns a podcast with him about the Napoleonic era and, also a Bitter Podcast (მწარე პოდკასტი), on general history.



  • A History of Georgia (1500 BCE - 1230 CE)
  • A History of Georgia (1230 to 1801)
  • Political History of the World (1800-1914)
  • The Evolution of War


Research and Publications:

Napoleon’s Marshals (Co-authored with Alexander Mikaberidze). Tbilisi: Artanuji, 2022.

Napoleon in 51 questions (Co-authored with Alexander Mikaberidze). Tbilisi: Artanuji, 2020.

Military History of Late Antique Georgia, volume II. Tbilisi: Artanuji, 2019.

Military History of Georgia: history of warfare. Tbilisi: etc, 2019.

The Daylamite Involvement in the Lazic War (541-562), Historia i Świat 11, 2022.

Nomads between the Empires: Huns and Alans during the Lazic War (6th century), Kadmos (13), 2021.

Revisiting the Scale of the Ottoman War Effort in the Caucasus: Lala Mustafa Pasha’s Campaign of 1578. Historical Collections, 8. Tbilisi, 2021.

Lazian Army of the Lazic War (541-562 CE). Journal of Politics and Democratization, Vol. 5, Issue 1. Aug. 2021.

From Gotland to Georgia? A Reassessment of Varangian Mercenaries in Georgia (11th century). Baghwashi. scientific collection. editors: Z. Abashidze and K. Paghava, Tbilisi, 2021.

The Byzantine Lazic Phalanx at the Battle of the Hippis River (550 CE). The Journal of Politics and Democratization, Vol. 4 Issue 2 Jan., 2020.

“Resources and Logistics during the Lazic War” in Historical Collections, volume 7 (2019).


Research interests:

Military History, A History of Georgia, a History of Ancient Rome, Medieval Europe, Napoleonic Wars.