Nino Loladze

Assistant Professor / Local economic development

Degree of Master of Public Administration; Specialty - Local Government

Professional Experience:

Consultant; Institutional Baseline mapping within eight municipalities of Georgia; invited by PMCG
Program Budgeting Consultant (Batumi 2018 program budget); invited by GGI and PMCG
Georgian Institute of Public Affairs (GIPA) – Invited lector - Course: of Local Economic Development and Budgeting;
International Black Sea University (IBSU), Invited lector - Course: Principles of local Self-governance;
Consultant - Supported the members of Advisory Committee of Zugdidi and Tkibuli municipalities for creation of Action Plan for Municipal Social Services Development Strategy - invited by The Czech NGO People in Need (PIN);
Consultant – Creation Lagodexi and Sagarejo municipalities 2017 year priority documents; invited by GIZ
Consultant - Supported Municipalities (Lagodekhi, Telavi City, Telavi, Akhmeta, Kvareli, Sagarejo, Gurjaani, Sighnaghi, Dedoplistskaro) of Kakheti Region for creation of action plans for Kakheti Regional Development Strategy of 2014-2021- invited by GIZ Local Governance Programme in South Caucasus;
Consultant and Facilitator - Supported Ministry of Regional Development and Infrastructure in creation of Kakheti Regional Development Sttategy 2014-2021 - invited by GIZ Local Governance Programme in South Caucasus;
Regional Development center, Project Manager;


Regional Development center, Executive Director;
Georgian Institute of Public Affairs (GIPA) – Academic position - Assistant; Lector of Local Economic Development and Budgeting


• Local budget and Citizen Engagment: Determining Municipal Budgetary Priorities Through Georgian Civic Engagment; Washington 2017; Ongoing Issues in Georgian Policy and Public Administration;
• Youth policy; 2016; Regional Development Center (RDC) financed By NED
• Local Governance and Citizen Engagement - How should be determined the priorities of the municipality; 2016; Regional Development Center (RDC);
• Citizens Engagement Methodology; 2015; Regional Development Center (RDC) and Agora;
• The local civil servants training system reform in Europe – MSA; 2013
• Local Self government competencies in Europe. 2012
• Telavi municipality budget analysis - GIZ - 2012.08-2012-11;
• Advocacy Guidelines - 2012
• Financial and Budgetary Management - Publication: Public Administration in Post-Communist Countries: Former Soviet Union, Central and Eastern Europe and Mongolia. To be published CRC Press (Taylor & Francis Group) as part of Public Administration and Public Policy book series, Editor: Saltanat Liebert Prepared and submitted January 2011 To be published: July 2012;