Nana Berekashvili

Assistant professor

Nana Berekashvili, Associate Professor at Georgian institute of Public Affairs (GIPA), PhD in psychology.  Since 2014 reads course on Gender Psychology in GIPA at the master’s program of applied psychology  within the School of Social Sciences. She is an international trainer on gender issues. She delivers lectures in Ilia State University, University of Georgia and Robakidze university. At different periods  of her professional life she has worked in Uznadze Psychology Institute as a researcher, at the International Center on Conflict and Negotiation as a head of the department on Gender and Minorities Issues, she was a member of the expert’s commission in an Open Society Institute’s Women’s Program and she was a Co-director of an Caucasian Women’s Research and Consulting Network. She has published articles in various scientific magazines. Participates in forums and conferences.