Summer School in Security and Diplomacy

Program at the International Summer School of the Institute of Public Policy was established on the basis of the master's program in 2006. Creation of the course aimed to satisfy the interest of the people, who are interested in international politics and are involved in foreign and security policy formation process, but can not attend master's program because of the shortage of time.

Summer school students are civil servants, employees of international organizations and non-governmental organizations, International policy specialists. The program is also very interesting for those who plan to obtain a master's degree in International politics.

Summer school courses are periodically changed, but the main directions are international relations, diplomacy and security issues.

Accordingly, since 2006, the school provides the following courses: Introduction to Comparative Politics, Diplomacy History, Transnational Crime of political, economic and military aspects, international organizations, international terrorism, the war hostory; The cooperation and integration in the modern world - the European Union; Theory of Military Strategy; Intelligence Theory and Practice.

After successful completion of the program, students are awarded a certificate.

Institute’s Environment gives Summer School students an opportunity to engage not only in the academic process, but also to take part in the activities, to attend various meetings, seminars and invited lectures. 

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