Communication Psychology

Georgian Institute of Public Affairs (GIPA) offers Certificate Course in Communication Psychology of Zura Mkheidze.

About the program

The program aims to familiarize participants with the psychological characteristics of communication, as well as debate and speech technology, which is necessary for success in the process of communication.

Students will learn about the psychology of communication and its importance as a personal attitude determination, as well as its effective use for the maximum results; Will learn "black" rhetoric characteristic strategies, knowledge of which is essential for a full debate lead.

The universality of the program lies in the fact, that it emphasis on the important skills such as people management and influence.

After completing the course, students will have a full understanding of communication as a process. The knowledge will develop their self-confidence and skills for critical thinking and will make their actions more result-oriented.

• Public relations’ staff, journalists and the individuals participating in public speeches and debates. For those who are interested in negotiating tools.

• People who want to develop and improve communication skills.

Program description:

The program includes two modules:

Meaning of communication’s structural units, verbal and non-verbal communication, persuasive communication factors.

Communication- as part of organizational management.

Technical description:

Duration: 10 weeks, the study will begin on May 23, 2015.

Classes will be held once a week, on Saturdays from 15: 00 to 18:00. Deadline is May 20, 2015.

Volume of the course: 30 hours

Program cost: 800 GEL

Language: Georgian

After graduation, participants will receive a certificate of course completion.

• positive grade

Knowledge of the audience will be assessed by the special approach developed by a lecturer, which will be introduced to participants to the first meeting.

Bank properties:

BANK CODE: 220101850N


BEN’ S ACCOUNT - GE84TB1100000110700419 / GEL


Applicants, interested in Certificate Program, must submit the following documents:

1. Copy of ID

2. The completed application form

3. Curriculum Vitae (CV)

After receiving the documents there will be an interview in the admissions office (from 21 May to 22 May).

Selection Criterias:

1. Motivation

2. Work experience

მიღების შემდეგ, 6 ოქტომბერს ჩატარდება გასაუბრება მიმღებ კომისიასთან

საბუთების მიღების შემდეგ ჩატარდება გასაუბრება მიმღებ კომისიასთან.

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