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GIPA is pleased to announce a brand new, specially designed course for Georgian business professionals looking to practice and further augment their already existing upper intermediate-to-advanced level skills in English with a focus on business topics, issues and current events characterizing and influencing the business world.

Program Description

The program’s activities will feature presentations, debates, negotiations, simulations and role playing as a means of increasing and further developing speaking skills in English. In parallel, the program will also work on writing (for example:  business correspondence, reports, creating a cv and cover letter, etc.). Altogether, the topics for discussion in each of the modules will be timely, relevant and purposeful (for example:  making a product pitch to investors, trouble shooting a company’s financial problems, stakeholder/partner liaison and outreach, organizational grant-based fundraising, etc.) Based upon participant need or want, topics can also be selected or tailored to match group interests. By the end of the program, participants will have received 24 hours of training and practice in a friendly and highly interactive environment of activity, feedback, coaching and fun.   


The Professional English for Professional Business program’s target audience will be:

– Already employed professionals looking to work on their English language skills as a part of their personal and professional development.


The program will feature the following modules of instruction and activity:


MODULE 1 – The Art of Public Speaking 
(Putting your best self forward / Making the right impression / Displaying confidence and capability / Demeanor and presentation) 

This module will look at different forms of public speaking (speeches, presentations, pitches, question-and-answer sessions, etc.) with a view to increasing confidence of spoken delivery and having the message effectively heard and with the desired results obtained. Topics will be proposed and discussed in class. Proposed in-class assignment:  Shark Tank-style product pitch to investors.

MODULE 2 –Business Correspondence  

(Write it right / Structure and style in tandem / The right salutation and valediction / Selecting the proper ‘English’ / Knowing when a bit of informality is acceptable / Being frank without being rude) 

English-language writing skills comprise an additional and highly-desired qualification widely sought by employers in today’s job market. Letters, e-mail, reports, briefs, minutes of meetings, compositions and other examples of business correspondence will be practiced within this module. Topics for the writing assignments can be matched to suit student interest. Practical exercises will guide students through the steps of structuring a professional business correspondence.   

MODULE 3 – Debating Skills for Successful Communication  

(Making yourself heard / Speaking instead of shouting / Quick-as-a-whip reply and retort / Winning the argument)

This module will look at the art and craft of the debate and put students through practical activities of individual debate looking to further develop skills for spoken presentation, effective argumentation, convincing rebuttal, quick thinking and rapid-fire response while under pressure. Topics for the debates can be discussed and selected to match student interest. In particular, controversial topics will be encouraged with a view to offering more challenging debates in which emotions and personal feelings must be kept duly in check.

MODULE 4 – Job Interview 

(Selling yourself to the employer / Knowing how to answer the ‘Killer Questions’ / Top 20 questions asked in a job interview / Post-interview follow-up) 

This module looks at preparation for the job interview in order to give students as potential new job seekers a competitive advantage when trying to successfully win an employment contract. Activities will include drafting, writing and finalizing a cover letter and cv. Interactive simulation activities will include a mock job interview.

Program duration:  A week intensive course (4 modules), From Monday to Friday, 11:00 AM- 14:00 PM

Total hours: 24 hours total class time

Program Fee:  290 GEL 

Applicants interested in Certificate Program must submit

After receiving the documents there will be an interview in the admissions office.

Course starts on July 24th, 2017. 

Selection Criteria: 

  • Upper Intermediate English Level
  • Motivation
  • Communication skills


    Upon successful completion of the program, participants will receive a certificate attesting to their achievement.  

Jeff Morski is a multi-lingual (English, French, Ukrainian, Portuguese) Canadian national based in Tbilisi (non-stop since 2006). He holds an MA in East European Studies (Canada) and an MA in International Relations/Diplomacy (Malta) and possesses 15+ years of international development work experience. His areas of current specialization, in particular, include EU foreign policy (European Neighborhood Policy) and civil diplomacy. Morski has been lecturing at the Georgian Institute of Public Affairs (GIPA) since 2013 and working with GIPA’s Georgian Rural Development Department since 2007. His courses in English include a strong communication component enabling students to develop practical native-level skills for a wide range of oral and written discourse. Professional English for Professional Business is modelled directly on successes in the classroom.  

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