Masters Program in Migration Management

31 July

We Are Announcing  receipt at Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University and the Georgian Institute of Public Affairs (GIPA) a dual degree in interdisciplinary master's degree program in migration management.

The migraton management programm was developd by Tempus project: “Migraton and Higher education for the development of skills and abilities " Within the consortium of 16 partner universities and international organizations.


  • The engagement of European Unions  leading professors and universities in the educational process.
  • Providing  students with internship in state institutions working on migration (on the basis of the agreement signed between Migration State Commission and the State University of Tbilisi);
  • Student mobility in the South Caucasus region and the leading European universities;
  • Dual degree

Low ttution fee - 1125 gel per semester which can be paid in two stages ( at the beginning and at end of each semester); In addition to the tuition fees for the Graduate Record Examination to apply for the obtained grant

Conditions  for admission to the programe:

A person  who has bachelor's degree in the following disciplines: Humanities; Law; Economics and social and political sciences, successfully overcomes the Graduate Record Examinations line (test type - A), pass a written examination in the specialty (general knowledge of migration) and the tests in English (language B2 level certificate is submitted, the candidate will be released of  foreign language examinations). will be allowed master's program

Admission dates for Master program:

A)     Submission of the applications for the Masters degree candidates (Registration) - 1 - 4 September;

B)     Examination  in a foreign language (in  educational programs of masters degree  candidates who are required to pass an exam in a foreign language) - 8 September;

C)      Exam  results announcement - September 9;

D)     Appealing test results - 10 - 12 September;

E)      the results of the appeal - 15 September;

F)      examination in speciality (writing part) - 10 September;

G)    Examination in speciality  ( in educational programs of Masters degree candidates who are required to pass an oral exam component) - 12 September;

H)    Exam (writing  component) results  announcement - 11 September;

I)        Appealyng of the exam results - 12 - 16 September;

J)       Appealyng  results announcement; - 17 September;

K)     Signing agreement with  the candidates of masters degree -18 - 23 September;

L)      Submitting  the list of masters degree candidates to the academic activity Management Department - 24 September;

M)  ) Preparation of  the order of enrollment - 29 September.

N)    Sutendts enrollment order  project preparation - 29 September.


List of documents required for subbmition to the admissions comission

A)     Statement to the  rector

B)     Photo (3X4) - 2 printed copies  and electronic version of the CDD-;

C)     A bachelor's or equivalent academic degree certificate diploma and notarized copy of the enclosure (2014 graduates - a certificate granting the academic degree);

D)     A copy of identity card (passport);

E)      A notarized copy of the certificate in Foreign language (if existing)

F)      A Notarized copy of  Georgian language B2 level certificate (if  exsiting);

G)     A copy of the conscript-military registration  (or military card, if applicable);

H)    A notarized copy of Foreign country  education certifying document (if applicable).

I)        other documents, if required by the Masters  program.


Applicants Please contact

Nino Parsadanishvili - Tbilisi State University; Tel .: 599 65 95 77;


Zviad Barkaia - Institute of Public Affairs (GIPA) Tel .: 557 15 36 35;


International Relations Master's program to get started !!!

Entrants' attention!

Dear entrants!

For registration it is necessary to bring the completed application form to the address - 2 Brosse Street, till August 30-th.

See the application form on our web site

at the time of registration It is necessary to bring the following documents

  • a completed application form (+ photos) or online application
  • ID card copy
  • Curriculum Vitae (CV)
  • High School Diploma Copy
  • Transcript

Application procedure

Applicationc will be submitted from 12: 00 to 16: 00 pm, Monday-Friday, 30 August 2014.

Address: 2 Brosse Street, 2nd Floor; Tel: + (995) 32 249 75 02; + (995) 557 15 36 35; E-mail: