Memorandum of cooperation between four Universities

10 January

On January 10, 2019, under the initiative of Georgian Institute of Public Affairs (GIPA), memorandum of cooperation was signed between N(N)LE “Georgian Institute of Public Affairs“, LTD “International Black Sea University”, LTD “Caucasus University” and LTD "East European University".

Considering the importance of convergence between Higher Education Area and the requirements of employers, based on the memorandum parties agreed to cooperate and to implement the joint research of Georgian labour market under the project “GICE Partnership” (project name is derived from the names of higher education institutions who signed the memorandum).

In the frames of the project "GICE Partnership" a quantitative survey of the requirements of the Georgian labor market will be conducted, which aims to determine what types of knowledge and skills/competences are required by the employers in Georgia according to the academic programs of the above-mentioned universities. The research will be conducted by the N(N)LE “Center for Social Sciences.”

Herewith, the Parties agreed to cooperate with other areas of common interest, such as implementation of joint projects about up-to-date issues, preparation and issuance of relevant textbooks and other types of publications.