Head of Administration

Archil Gersamia

Head of Administration

Email: a.gersamia@gipa.ge

Dr. Archil Gersamia is a head of administration at GIPA, supervising strategic planning, budgeting and other administrative issues. In parallel, he is GIPA faculty member and delivers two main lecture courses at GIPA’s School of Government in “Economics” and “Public Finance”. He regularly participates in scientific conferences and workshops, publishes papers on public administration issues and is actively involved in research activities.

List of Publications:

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  • “Questions of an estimation of results of techno genic loading of environment of cultural tourism for the purpose of assistance to the policy of economic development of the country” – Proceedings of the Annual Scientific International Conference of Georgian Technical University, Open Diplomacy Association and Scientific Magazine “Authority and Society (History, Theory, Practice)”, 12.06.2010. Tbilisi, “Authority and Society”, 2010, N2 (14), pp. 72-87
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