Tika Pantsulaia

Psychological counsulting

Doctor of Psychology

Since 2013 – Invited lecturer in the Institute of Public Affairs

Session course - Psychological counsulting

Education – D. Uznadze Institute of Psychology subordinated to the Academy of Science of Georgia. In 2018 awarded status of Accredited Psychotherapist of European Association of Gestalt Therapists (EAGT). Professor of Saint Andrew the First-Called Georgian University of the Patriarchate of Georgia, Author and Principle of Master program "Psychodynamology and counseling".  Invited to Caucasus University as a Lecturer;

Author of about 20 scientific papers;  Manager of Psychological Consultation Diagnostic Center “Idilia”. 21 years of experience in Psycho-consultation. Founder of "Association of Psychologists and Psychotherapists".

Participated in many of international professional conferences and seminars and trainings.